Grand Teton Inns & Lodging

by Edwin Thomas
Jenny Lake is one place to stay in the Grand Tetons.

Jenny Lake is one place to stay in the Grand Tetons.

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Enjoying the natural splendor of Grand Teton National Park does not necessarily mean roughing it in a park campground, as accommodations are available in one of the park's many lodges and ranches. These accommodations range from mid-range hotels with hundreds of rooms to luxury rental cabins to small, rustic places in very out-of-the-way parts of the park, so Grand Teton National Park has a little something for virtually any taste and budget.


Grand Teton National Park encompasses more than 480 square miles of west-central Wyoming. Even though most of the lodgings in the park are located off either US Highway 89/191 and the Teton Park Road, roads that run through the center of the park, individual lodges are still often in widely separated locations. The Climber's Ranch in the park's south and Jackson Lake Lodge in the central part of the park are roughly 20 miles apart, and lodgings in the northern third of the park are farther away still. Visitors with specific interests in the park should closely examine the park map and choose a conveniently placed place to stay.

American Alpine Club Climber's Ranch

The Climber's Ranch is essentially a base camp operated by the American Alpine Club for the benefit of hardy mountaineers seeking to tame Grand Teton and other peaks, located only five miles to the west. However, non-climbers are welcome as well, the prices are inexpensive, and the ranch's location is in a less trafficked part of the park and at least three miles from the nearest campground. Accommodations consist of rustic log cabins with co-ed bunkbeds, and the ranch comes equipped with a cooking shelter, hot showers and flush toilets. The ranch is only open during climbing season, typically between early June and early September.

Jackson Lake Lodge

Jackson Lake Lodge is in one of the most convenient spots in the park, situated in the middle of the park and only 10 miles west of the park's eastern entrance. Situated on high bluffs overlooking Jackson Lake, the lodge commands striking views of the lake and the Teton Mountains beyond it, especially from the much-commented upon 60-foot panoramic windows in the upper lobby. Both hotel-style rooms in the main lodge and rental cottages are available.

Jenny Lake Lodge

Frommer's rated Jenny Lake Lodge as "exceptional," and Fodor's labeled it "perhaps the best hotel in the national park system," making it the destination for visitors to Grand Teton National Park in search of the most luxurious accommodations available. However, that also makes it the most expensive lodge in the park as well. Accommodations are all found in rental cabins, many of which date back to the 1920s, and include breakfast and a five-course dinner.

Moulton Ranch Cabins

Moulton Ranch is located on private property (but well inside the boundaries of the park) on Mormon Row, right next to the Moulton Barn, which figures so prominently in park photos. A Fodor's Choice hotel, the Moulton Ranch is developed out of a century-old homestead and offers seven log cabins in a peaceful location. Some of these cabins are simple one-room buildings while others are much larger and come with kitchens; however, not all come with en suite bathrooms.

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