Goodbye and Farewell Party Ideas for Kids

by Erin Schreiner Google

Saying goodbye is never easy, particularly for kids; so help children send off a departing friend with mementos, memories and a look toward a new life. When planning your party, focus on creating memories for the kids who will soon be calling a new city home, giving them something fond by which to remember the places from which they have come.

Things to Remember Us By

Throw a "Things to Remember Us By" party for your young honoree. On the invitations to this event, ask guests to bring things by which the individual who is leaving can remember them by. These things should be reflective of the individual they are to represent. For example, if one party guest was the class clown, he could bring his soon-to-depart friend a joke book, so that he can have some laughs even though this jokester will no longer live in the same city. Once all guests have arrived, allow them to take turns giving their presents to the honoree, explaining their selections as they do.

Exotic Eats

If the place to which the party honoree is traveling is a distant and exotic land, make the food of this area the focus of your bash. For example, if the child is moving with his parents to England, feature fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding at your event. Because the youngsters who attend will likely not have tried these less-common foods before, they will probably appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Photo-Shot Party

Throw a photo-shot party at which the child who is leaving can capture images of his friends to take with him on his journey. To arrange for this party, set up some backdrops in front of which guests can be photographed. Ask several adult volunteers to bring digital cameras and capture pictures of the honoree and his friends. Print copies of the pictures not only for the individual who is leaving, but also for the guests, sending out these photos after the event.

Travel Craft Party

Plan a crafty affair at which the child can make some travel-themed crafts. Purchase nice paper, stamps and shaped scissors and have the guests use these supplies to craft some stationery that they can use to write to the individual who has moved. For an alternative travel-related craft, have guests make luggage tags, decorating slips of paper with their names and addresses along with images that in some way represent them, such as a basketball for the sports-loving kid. Laminate the tags to finish making them sturdy and ready for use. When your honoree packs his bags and gets ready to depart, he can place this tag on his luggage. His friends can use their tags as book-bag identifiers.