Good Vacation Spots for a 40th Birthday Party

by Tricia Lobo

Many people say that life begins at 40. Act that way by celebrating the occasion and treating yourself and loved ones to a 40th birthday vacation. In lieu of gifts, ask your family or friends to join you and pay the costs of their accommodation and travel. A vacation, taken in this manner, can easily be the most transformative party that you have ever had, allowing you to see another side of the world while bonding with the people close to you in unfamiliar surroundings.

New York City

If you haven't yet spent time in New York, your 40th birthday is definitely a good time to go. New York is excellent for all forms of entertainment, for every budget. If you wish, you may spend every night seeing inexpensive comedy shows. Or you could spend a week seeing every show on Broadway. New York has top-notch spas, music, nightlife and dining, and when you get tired of the bright lights of the city, you can relax in one of New York's parks, and perhaps have a picnic or buggy ride in Central Park.

Ski Resorts

In the summer months, ski resorts are a relatively inexpensive vacation destination. Consider renting a cabin in Mont Tremblant with all of your friends, for a week. Quebec has no shortage of sights to see, and is particularly gorgeous in the summer. If you speak French, Quebec offers a chance to brush up on your French. If not, it offers the chance to immerse yourself in another culture without the costs of overseas travel.

Bed and Breakfast

Rent out a bed and breakfast in a gorgeous, obscure location, for you and your spouse. Not only will this be less expensive than a place like New York City, it will be relaxing and quiet. Enjoy being taken care of for a week, with maid service and with all of your meals served to you. You can check out the historical sights in the area, of which there are bound to be a few. Or you can spend the week communing with nature, which can be rejuvenating if you live in a big city.

Exotic Destinations

If you have seen relatively few countries, your 40th birthday iook a flight to Mexico, where you can not only enjoy exotic cuisine, but you can also enjoy nights out on the town for a fraction of the costs that you would incur in the United States. Alternatively, take the time to enjoy your trip, and book a cruise to the Bahamas, Jamaica or another destination that will allow you to forget all of your responsibilities, at least for a while.

About the Author

Tricia Lobo has been writing since 2006. Her biomedical engineering research, "Biocompatible and pH sensitive PLGA encapsulated MnO nanocrystals for molecular and cellular MRI," was accepted in 2010 for publication in the journal "Nanoletters." Lobo earned her Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering, with distinction, from Yale in 2010.