Good Themes for a Boy's 16th Birthday Party

by Brenda Priddy
Parties for 16-year-old boys are typically laid back and cool.

Parties for 16-year-old boys are typically laid back and cool.

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Teen boys typically do not like party themes as much as girls and young children do. The average 16-year-old boy would rather hang out with a few friends with no specific plans than attend a party with an elaborate theme. However, if you want to incorporate a theme into your son's 16th birthday celebration, try a low-key option based on his personality and tastes.

Backyard Campout

A 16-year-old boy typically enjoys having a few friends over to spend the night as much as any teen girl. The boys may have different activities in mind, but they enjoy themselves just as much. You can add a twist to the standard slumber party by setting your son and his friends up for a backyard camp out. Make sure to have plenty of food on hand, including pizza, snacks, desserts and sodas. A supervised campfire allows the boys to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, and adds to the outdoor ambiance. Incorporate some outdoor activities to keep them entertained, such as a water gun fight, balloon fight or laser tag. Serve a hearty breakfast the following morning.

Paintball or Laser Tag

Most 16-year-old boys love paintball or airsoft fights. Most cities have paintball courses where boys can get together and shoot each other for several hours or even all day long. If your town does not have a paintball park, look for a professional laser tag course. Many paintball and laser tag venues offer party packages. Make sure the boys have access to plenty of food and beverages while they're at the park.

Amusement Park

Most teen boys enjoy amusement parks. Offer to pay admission for a few friends, or ask a larger crowd to pay their own way but provide transportation and supervision. Keep track of everyone with a planned rendezvous location and meeting times throughout the day. Most amusement parks do not allow outside food or drinks, but some offer same-day readmission so you can leave to eat and come back later in the day.

Video Games

Some cities have venues with a large selection of video games and computer games linked together so that many boys can play the same game together. You can often rent these locations for a private party. You can also create a similar feeling at home. Ask the party guests to bring game consoles, TVs and computers so that they can play together at home. This party theme works best for technology-savvy boys.

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