Good Prizes for Adult Birthday Party Games

by Adrienne Davis
Birthday parties allow adults to act like kids again.

Birthday parties allow adults to act like kids again.

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Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to grow up entirely. For instance, most grownups participating in games at an adult birthday party enjoy winning prizes every bit as much as they did when they were kids. However, if you find yourself hosting an adult birthday party, you may not want to use the leftover game prizes from your ten-year-old's birthday party. Instead, take the opportunity to pick up some appropriate awards that adults will enjoy.

Prizes for Women

Most women enjoy receiving bath and beauty products such as body, hand and foot lotions. Other similar prizes are scented candles, massage tools, lip gloss, cosmetic cases and tote bags. If you have time to plan ahead, watch for blow-out sales that will allow you to stock up for a fraction of the price. Suggestions other than beauty products include cooking tools, an entertaining paperback novel, a pedometer, a bookmark, gourmet tea or coffee, a coffee mug or gift card for a local coffee shop.

Prizes for Men

Even if they don't participate in them, most guys like anything to do with sports. Many men also enjoy food and in particular, snack food. Party prizes such as bottles of hot sauce, gourmet mustard and mixed nuts have a manly edge to them. Other ideas could be a baseball hat, a sports bag, a golf umbrella, a BBQ grill brush, beer glasses or even a six-pack of beer.

Unisex Prizes

Prizes like writing journals, aromatherapy candles and small photo albums are great to use for party prizes if you are hosting a female-only party such as a bridal or baby shower. But if your party is for mixed company, you won't want to be concerned about gender-specific prizes. In such cases consider prizes like the following: a bottle of wine, a recent DVD release, a fruit bowl, a flashlight key-chain or set of cocktail glasses.

Inexpensive but Impressive

It can get expensive if you are hosting a large party and plan on giving plenty of party prizes. One way to keep the party within budget is by shopping at discount stores. After all, since winning is half the fun, you needn't break the bank to keep everyone happy. Items to look for at your local dollar store include decks of cards, hair accessories, bath salts, photo albums, carabiners, bungee cords, duct tape or vases.

Party Prizes for Couples

Many adult games are played in teams. Therefore, you might need to consider party prizes for couples. Throw a couple of movie theatre tickets into an envelope or perhaps two tickets to the symphony or ballet. Serving dishes, wine glasses, a picture frame or flower vase also make great prizes for couples.

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