Good Places to Have a Pool Party in Philadelphia

by Laurie Rappeport
Celebrate in Philadelphia with a pool party.

Celebrate in Philadelphia with a pool party.

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Pools work as party venues for birthdays, graduation celebrations, corporate bonding events and family get-togethers. A variety of pool options, including indoor and outdoor, are throughout Philadelphia and available year-round. If you plan to host a pool party, investigate each pool's scheduling constraints, costs and hosting options. Line up extra adult supervision for a children's pool party, and plan the refreshments according to the pool rules.


Contact the YMCA branch in your area to find out if their aquatics program includes pool party options. YMCA branches ( in Philadelphia frequently allow private parties to rent pools for parties. The Mainline YMCA of Philadelphia invites residents to host pool parties for children ages 7 and up at a YMCA pool. The pool staff will test the children before they enter the water to ascertain their swimming capabilities. The YMCA Mainline pool in Ardmore, 21 minutes northwest of Philadelphia, opens for pool parties on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Northeast YMCA branchon Knights Road in Philadelphia, rents its pool for parties through its YMCA birthday manager.

Community Center

Check local community centers to see if they set aside hours in their schedule for pool parties. The RiverWinds Community Center ( offers a pool package that includes access to the pool and its play equipment. Older kids can use the pool's slide, and a party for adults includes use of the sauna room. Families organizing a pool party for young children must have one adult for every four children. The Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center ( sets aside specific hours, both on weekends and weekdays, for pool parties. Schedule a pool party at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center to access the facility's large pool, children's pool and spa.

Fitness Centers

Hold a birthday party at a fitness center. My Sports Club's Philadelphia location ( on South 5th Street offers swim parties for children ages 4 and older as well as adults. The party involves either free swim or, for kids, organized games. The parties last for two hours followed by refreshments. Sweat Fitness ( on Arch Street invites families to host a party at the pool. The parties at Sweat Fitness run for two hours. Sweat Fitness offers a studio for families who want to schedule their party at the pool.


Check out the American Red Cross Home Pool Essentials course if you want to host your own backyard pool party. The two-hour online course covers topics including water issues, pool maintenance and safety. The Red Cross reminds parents that they should never leave children alone near a pool, even a small shallow pool. If you have a backyard pool that contains water throughout the summer, keep the pool fenced off to prevent a child from falling in. Make sure visitors know the pool rules. If kids can't swim and the water is deep, provide personal floatation devices, rather than toys, for support. Don't let the kids dive into an above-ground pool. Don't wear earplugs in a pool where kids will descend underwater. Keep a first aid kit and other safety equipment nearby. Allow little, if any, alcohol.

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