Good Places to Celebrate an 18th Birthday Party in Houston, Texas

by Eric Ervin

Houston, which is the largest city in Texas, is one of the state's cultural and entertainment centers. This offers 18-year-olds many options on where to celebrate their birthday. The best places to celebrate an 18th birthday party in Houston are the ones that allow the honoree to not feel like a child, while still remembering that they are not yet full adults.

Track 21

Track 21 is a good place to celebrate an 18th birthday party in Houston because it offers entertainment that's suited for young adults. Track 21 has three two-hour birthday party packages that include use of a private room, laser tag, video games and beverages. Pizza can be added to the Basic Laser Tag and Laser Tag Fun packages. The Laser Tag Fanatic package comes with two slices of pizza for each guest and unlimited beverages. Go-karting can be added to each party package for $300 per hour. You can also have a go-kart only birthday party.

Dave and Buster's

Dave and Buster's lets older crowds have fun playing video games and other interactive games, making it a good place to celebrate an 18th birthday party. Dave and Buster's also has a restaurant that serves a full menu with appetizers, entrees and desserts. Three birthday party packages are offered for teenagers. The packages come with entrees or buffet packages, unlimited sodas and game cards of different values depending on the package price. The birthday recipient receives a $10 game card.

Numbers Nightclub

Numbers Nightclub is an 18-and-older nightspot, which makes it a good place to celebrate an 18th birthday party in Houston. Eighteen year olds can feel independent, but in a controlled and supervised environment. The entire nightclub is available for rent for birthday parties consisting of between 250 to 300 guests. For birthday parties with smaller groups, the upstairs area can also be rented. The parties can be customize to please different tastes, with a variety of live bands for bookings. Non-alcoholic drink specials are available and food can be brought into the club for parties.

Movie Tavern

Many 18-year-olds love going to the movies. Movie Tavern is a good place to celebrate an 18th birthday party in Houston because it caters to teenagers' love of movies and their desire to hang out with their friends. Movie Tavern's Celebrity Teen Party package is for a minimum of 10 guests. It includes movie tickets and food and drink from a select menu. With tables in front of each seat, this movie theater lets guests eat a full meal while watching a movie.

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