Good Party Themes for Tweens

by Cindy Dauer
Plan a birthday your tween will remember.

Plan a birthday your tween will remember.

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Tweens can sometimes be hard to please. So if you are planning a birthday party for a tween, plan on capturing his attention and imagination to keep him interested. Tweens have one foot in childhood and one foot in their teens. That means they still want to be silly, but they also need a touch of sophistication. Choose a party theme and activities that will interest your tween and his friends.


Turn your party into a pirate ship. Gold and black balloons can decorate the room as guests follow treasure maps to chocolate gold coins. Hand out eye patches and bandannas to guests as they arrive. Make simple pirate hats out of construction paper, play capture the flag and watch a pirate movies. Send your guests home with a pirate booty bag.

Rock Stars

You and your party guests are the stars when you host a rock party. A microphone is a must when guests lip sync on stage. Add temporary color to hair -- with parents' permission. Bring real instruments to play or simulate the rock star experience through video games. Top the night off with a strobe light and guitar-shaped cake.


Take it tropical with a luau-themed party. Decorate the party room with palm trees and colorful flowers. When your guests arrive, give them leis and grass skirts. For refreshments, serve fruit punch with a pineapple garnish. Luau activities could include a hula hoop contest, surfboard photo shoots and musical beach towels.


Vampires and wizards mingle at a magic party when you encourage guests to wear costumes. For entertainment, hire a magician to dazzle your senses. At the party, make magic wands with dowels and streamers. Teach your guests easy magic tricks. Decorate with stars, moons and glitter. Add dry ice to the punch bowl to create a magical fog.

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