Good Lures for Trout

by Tim Anderson

Trout fishing is a popular pastime for some, a passion for others. Trout can be found in lakes, streams and rivers and there are many types of lures that can attract them, depending on the location and species of trout you're after.

Spinner Lures

Spinner lures are designed with flashing metal blades so that the lure spins, similar to a propeller, when it is reeled in by the fisherman. The types of blade, such as the color and size, can vary but the overall principle remains the same for all spinner lures. The hooks can be baited or left exposed, as the primary component to lure the fish is the spinning, reflective light of the blades, which mimics the flashes of darting creek chubs.

Grub Lures

Grub lures are an effective form of trout lure. They can come in a number of colors and sizes and are formed to resemble a type of grub or worm. Generally created out of soft plastic that has a curled tail and a plain or painted jig, or head, they can have multiple hooks and are one of the easiest types of lures to use. Depending on your geographic area and personal preference, the type of grub you use can change but they are a tried-and-true type of lure for fishing trout.

Jig Lures

A jig lure has a weighted head attached to a hook and body. The latter can consist of either hair or feathers or soft plastic in the shape of a grub or minnow. Trout jigs are very small, with jig heads from 1/16 to 1/32 oz. They are designed to "dance" or move in a vertical direction once in the water, thus attracting the trout. The fisherman aids this by reeling the lure in slowly and jerking the rod slightly upward or to the side.

Plug Lures

Plug lures are another of the basic fishing lures used when fishing for trout. Also known as minnow lures, they are created out of a hard material, such as wood, balsa or plastic, and have two or three hooks attached to the body, which is generally created in the form of a smaller type of fish. They are painted and designed in a range of colors.

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