Good Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Traveling the World

by Karen Sheviak

Buying gifts for a world traveler can be challenging, as a seasoned traveler will likely have the basics. However, there are specialty items that you can easily find that will make any traveler's journey simpler, safer and more seamless. Consider the type of travel the person is doing, the length of her trip and where she is going before making a purchase.


Get a world traveler items that can help him keep his valuables safe and secure while he travels. There are dry wallets available that can store his passport, money, credit cards and other small valuables. These wallets are usually waterproof, dustproof and have a slim profile so they can be worn under clothing to prevent theft. You can also find travel safes that can hold these items. These fold to be small enough to carry in a bag, or can be locked to another item if the valuables are not being carried with the traveler. Add in a small first aid kit and a mini sewing and repair kit for emergencies.


Gifts that make keeping in touch with home and preserving the memories of the trip more affordable will always be popular for travelers. Purchase a spare memory card for a digital camera so the traveler doesn't have to worry about running out of memory by the end of her trip. If you know what cellphone provider she uses, buy a top-up that allows for calls from wherever she will be traveling to. Don't forget to give her an adapter so her phone and camera don't stop working halfway through her trip -- she will need one to plug in her devices in many countries.


Items that can make packing and unpacking simple and efficient are at the top of any traveler's wish list. If you're buying gifts for a backpacker, choose cubes that keep everything organized and separate without the traveler having to mess up his entire backpack. Other options include a zippered case to keep toiletries flat and prevent leaks, bags for shoes to keep the surrounding items clean and padded packs to keep any electronics safe from bumps.


Consider purchasing quality travel socks that dry overnight and come with a guarantee for the length of time they will last. You can also find specialty travel clothing that is lightweight, wrinkle free and is designed to coordinate with many items or be worn different ways. This allows the traveler to pack fewer items and still have plenty of things to wear. Travel clothing also often features hidden, secure pockets to keep money and passports safe.

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