Good Birthday Party Ideas for a 17-Year-Old Guy

by Kent Page McGroarty

Celebrate your teen boy's official last year as a kid with a party he and his friends will talk about for weeks after the festivities are over. Pick your teen's brain for what he will most enjoy for his 17th birthday and plan accordingly. Plan for him to go on a weekend trip with a few friends, or set up facilities in your backyard for various recreational activities.

Pool Parties

Pool parties are a good time for almost any age, and teenagers are no exception. If you do not have your own in-ground or above-ground pool, look to friends to see if you can use their pool, or check to see whether local public pools offer packages for birthday parties. Parties set in a friend's backyard or yours, however, allow for more possibilities, such as setting up intricate water slide paths made up of several connecting slides, as well as water-gun stations for water-gun fights.

Sports-Related Parties

If you have the resources, rent a sports field for an afternoon of birthday celebrations or even reserve some time in a professional sports stadium, such as a stadium tour or autograph session with professional players. Assign teams for playing baseball, football, tennis, badminton, soccer or another sport depending on what the birthday boy enjoys playing. A baseball-themed party, for example, can also include classic baseball game food and drink such as hot dogs, lemonade and snow cones.

"Extreme" Recreation Parties

Another option is to go the route of "extreme" recreation, such as setting up a paintball field in your own backyard using hay bales or renting a paintball facility for the day. Other ideas include renting a laser tag facility or signing up your birthday boy and his friends for a class on learning how to rock climb. Ride-alongs in professional stock cars are yet another option, or rent a dirt bike facility for an afternoon of mud and bikes. Be sure to get clearance from the guests' parents for any of these activities.

Camping Parties

Another option for a birthday party for the 17-year-old boy is a camping party. If you live on a few acres that include a wooded area, you can set up a camping facility on your own property, although you can also take the kids on a camping trip if you have the resources and parental clearance. Depending on where you camp, there may be a lake or pond nearby for swimming (do the necessary research to ensure it is safe), in addition to other camping activities such as telling ghost stories and making birthday s'mores.

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