Goldfish Game for Kids

by Krystal Miller

Create some goldfish games for the children who find the orange, scaly fish fascinating. Whether the games are for a goldfish birthday party or for children in a classroom, games will make the learning experience entertaining and enjoyable. Encourage the children to play along and try their best by awarding prizes, such as goldfish-themed stickers, coloring books and toys to game winners.

Educational Games

Print several goldfish in different colors and hide them all over the play area. Call out a color and the child who finds that color goldfish first wins a small prize. Write numbers on the goldfish instead of colors. For a variation, give each child a brown paper sack. When you say "Hunt," the children have to find as many goldfish as they can. The child who finds the most goldfish wins a prize. Mark a star on a few of the goldfish and the children who find those goldfish also win a small prize.

Tossing Goldfish

Place several clear fish bowls on a table and mark a line 6 feet away. Have the children stand at the line and try to toss goldfish crackers into the bowls. Give each child 10 goldfish crackers to try to toss in the bowls. The child who makes the most crackers in the bowls wins the game. Another option is to label each fish bowl with a point value. The child with the most points after 10 tosses wins the game.

Classic Games

Twist a few classic games into games by incorporating goldfish. For example, instead of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," play a game of "Pin the Goldfish in the Bowl." The child who pins the goldfish closest to the correct spot in a fish bowl wins the game. Create a game of "Hot Potato" using a plush goldfish toy. Have the children sit in a circle and hand one child the plush goldfish. Play music and have the children pass the toy around the circle. When the music stops playing, the child holding the goldfish is out of the game. Eliminate one player each time the music stops. The last player remaining in the game wins the plush goldfish.

Goldfish Prize Games

Draw or print several pictures of goldfish and write numbers on each one. For added fun, write different goldfish names on each fish. Write the names or numbers on small slips of paper and place the slips in a cup. The children will walk around the goldfish while music plays. When the music stops, tell each child to stand on a goldfish. Draw a name or number from the cup and the player standing on that name or number wins a goldfish prize. To award more prizes, call out more than one name or number each time.

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