What Goes in a Rehearsal Dinner Invitation?

by Alyson Paige

Wedding rehearsal dinner invitations formally bring invitees into the inner circle of the wedding. As the bride and groom plan their rehearsal dinner, they plan an evening of celebration and eager anticipation for the big event. Rehearsal dinner invitations include the same components and information as wedding or other invitations. You are preparing your invited guests for an evening of gratitude for their many and invaluable contributions to your wedding. When the wedding is over, you may save a copy of the invitation for family posterity.


A rehearsal dinner invitation begins with formal or witty introductory lines. An informal rehearsal dinner invitation from the bride and groom, for example, may read, "The wedding is planned and the wedding party has contributed effort and love. The time has come for the rehearsal and a dinner to follow."

Extend the Invitation

Hosts may phrase the specific invitation verbiage in the first line or they may write the words after brief introductory remarks. The groom's family might write, "Dr. and Ms. Alan Leffert request the honor of your attendance at the Rehearsal Dinner for Manuel and Alyssa."

Date and Location

Guests need specific information about the rehearsal dinner in order to prepare to attend and to arrive on time. Include the day, date and time of the dinner. Rehearsal dinner invitations often spell out all numbers like the date and the time. Provide the name of the location if it is a club or a restaurant. Then, write the full address. Write, for example, "on Tuesday, the fourth of March at six o'clock at the Austin Country Club, 4408 Long Champ Drive, Austin, Texas." The Knot wedding website suggests writing rehearsal and dinner times and locations in separate corners if the dinner immediately follows the rehearsal.

Request for Response

Since only the wedding party attends the rehearsal dinner, hosts do not need to ask for RSVPs from all the invitees. You may want to write, "Regrets to Marion at 303-555-1111."

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