What Is the Goal of "Bejeweled?"

by Suzie Faloon
Gems line up in a pattern similar to this in Bejeweled.

Gems line up in a pattern similar to this in Bejeweled.

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Bejeweled is a game that is offered for play as a form of entertainment on free online sites. The game is a test of eye-hand coordination for children and adults. It is attractive to anyone that appreciates bright shiny gems. The game, which can also be purchased for offline play, has a simple goal for a player to strive for.


When playing Bejeweled, you will notice that a series of gems in seven shapes and colors line up in a block of rows on the screen. Your goal is to move one gem at a time with the cursor and create a line of at least three identical gems to earn points. The gems that line up horizontally or vertically will disappear from the screen and a new set of gems will drop in to fill the area. You can choose to play a classic game or a timed one where you must try to earn as many points as possible before the timer runs down.


When you line up three gems that are alike, you will earn 10 points on your game score. If you line up four gems, a tally of 20 points is awarded to your score. A gem bar at the bottom of the screen fills in as you wipe out gems. When it fills, you earn bonus points. If you are a gamer over the age of 21, you can play Bejeweled on a pay-to-play site and take a chance on winning cash by accruing a high number of points.

Game Over

When you are no longer able to match at least three gems in a row, the game board will collapse and empty all of the gems. Your total will add up and the score will register for the game. When playing a timed game, you will hear a sound that announces that you are running out of time just before the game collapses. A computer voice will announce that the game is over at the same time as the set of gems drop away.


In the Spring 2000, three young men formed PopCap Games and created a game called Diamond Mine. Jason Kapalka, one of the men, asked his mother to play and test the game. When the game was released on the Web in November, Jason--along with his partners, Brian Fiete and John Vechey--changed the name to Bejeweled. By December of 2001, Computer Gaming World chose Bejeweled as the Puzzle Game of the Year. Bejeweled 2 and 3, Bejeweled Twist and Bejeweled Blitz are more puzzle games that have been created by the trio.

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