Glow Stick Party Games

by Krystal Miller

Glow sticks produce a mesmerizing neon glow when "cracked." When you bend glow sticks, a small glass tube inside cracks, mixing two chemicals that causes the liquid to glow. Glow-in-the-dark parties are the perfect time to hand out glow sticks and play party games. Using glow sticks in party games will allow the guests to play in the dark and add a new twist to classic games.

Classic Games

Put a twist on "Hot Potato" by using a glow stick instead of a potato. Have the players stand in a circle and turn off the lights. Play music and tell everyone to toss the glow stick around the circle. When the music stops, the player holding the glow stick is out of the game. The last player remaining wins the game. Play musical glow sticks instead of musical chairs by scattering glow sticks on the floor, one fewer than you have players. When the music stops, players must grab a glow stick. Any player caught reaching for a glow stick before the music goes off is out of the game. Eliminate one player and one glow stick each round. The last player standing wins the game.

Indoor Games

Have a freeze dance contest using glow sticks and necklaces. Give each player a glow necklace and two glow sticks. Play music and tell the players to dance around the room. When the music stops, player must freeze. It will be easy to tell if a player is moving because you will be able to see the glow stick move. Eliminate any player who moves when the music is off. Award a prize to the last player standing. Play an indoor game of hide-and-seek by giving the seeker only a glow stick. The last player found is the seeker for the next game.

Outdoor Games

Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt by hiding several glow sticks outside in the dark. Players must find as many glow sticks as they can. The player who finds the most wins a prize. Hide all green glow stick and two pink glow sticks. The players who find the pink glow sticks also win a prize. Make the sticks hard to find by hiding them in the bushes, under rocks, on top of hard-to-reach ledges and under leaves.

Other Games

Other games include glow stick volleyball and capture the glow stick. Inflate a white balloon and insert a glow stick into the balloon. Tie a rope between two trees or set up a volleyball net. Players will use the balloon to play a game of glow stick volleyball. For a game of capture that glow stick, divide the players into two teams. Give each team a glow stick. Have each team hide its team glow stick in a room. The teams switch rooms and the first team to find the hidden glow stick wins the game.