Glitz Pageants in Ohio

by Nicole Devlin
Pageants often award trophies to category winners.

Pageants often award trophies to category winners.

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Many people don't realize that there are two types of beauty pageants -- natural and glitz. Glitz pageants are what people typically associate with the term "beauty pageant." Contestants in glitz pageants are generally made up to look much older than they really are. Young girls will wear thick make-up and dress in clothing covered with rhinestones. They may also wear a set of fake teeth called flippers, and have fake hair. Glitz pageants are held across the United States, including in Ohio, so there are plenty of opportunities for interested contestants.

America's Beautiful Role Model

The America's Beautiful Role Model system is a series of both natural and glitz pageants open to girls of all ages and levels of experience. Pageants take place throughout the year in locations across Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. 2011 locations included Cincinnati and Columbus. Entrants are judged on overall appearance, facial beauty and personality. Winners receive cash prizes, crowns, sashes and additional gifts depending on the individual pageant.

Glitzy Cuties Beauty Pageant

Glitzy Cuties hosts pageants throughout the South and Midwest, including in Ohio. The 2011 location was Cincinnati, with pageants being hosted in other states including Kentucky and Missouri. The pageant is open to contestants of all ages. All entrants compete in beauty, while there are optional competitions in outfit of choice, swimwear, most beautiful and most photogenic. Winners earn a tiara, sash, trophy and cash prize, along with other gifts depending on the individual pageant.

Universal Royalty

The Universal Royalty pageant system hosts pageants across the United States and in other countries. A pageant is planned for 2012 in Miamisburg, Ohio. Previous pageants have taken place in Cincinnati and Columbus. Every entrant receives a trophy, while supreme winners walk away with tiaras, trophies, sashes and cash prizes, along with other gifts depending on the individual pageant.

Beautiful Faces Pageant

The Beautiful Faces Pageant, with the national program being held in 2011 in Columbus, is open to women of all ages and boys up to age 17. Judging is based on facial beauty and on how photogenic a contestant is. Winners receive a tiara and trophy, with cash prizes being awarded at the national pageant.

Silver Star Pageant

The Silver Star Pageant is held in neighboring South Bend, Indiana, and is open to girls ages 3 to 13. Contestants are judged in three categories, including beauty, prettiest dress and how well they answer the on-stage question. They may also win overall prizes for Miss Photogenic and Miss Personality. All entrants get a gift bag, while winners receive a tiara, trophy and sash.

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