How to Glitter Wall Paint

by Donna Tinus
Use a paint pan and a roller to apply the glitter paint.

Use a paint pan and a roller to apply the glitter paint.

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Sparkly walls light up any room, making the walls really pop with excitement. You can purchase paint colors with added flecks of metal that mimic glitter when spread on walls. Store-bought glittery overcoats applied to the top of dry, painted walls make adding glitter to your walls easy. Adding craft glitter to the paint will subdue the glitter and can create a slightly frosted look, but the paint needs to be constantly stirred so the glitter doesn't fall to the bottom. For an extra glittery look, add some glitter to white glue and then roll that over dry paint. The glue dries clear, and you are left with a glittery, painted wall.

Items you will need

  • 1 gallon
  • 2 cups glitter (approximately)
  • Wooden paint stick
  • Piece of cardboard, any size
  • Large bucket
  • 1 gallon white glue
  • 1 cup glitter
  • Wooden paint stick
  • Paint roller
  • Paint pan

Adding Glitter to Paint

Step 1

Pour your choice of color paint into a paint pan. Add about 1/4 cup glitter to the paint in the pan and mix well with a wooden paint stick.

Step 2

Roll the paint roller into the paint immediately after you mix it, before the glitter starts to sink to the bottom of the paint.

Step 3

Paint a piece of cardboard to test if the paint has enough glitter on it. If there's not enough glitter to suit your taste, add more. If the paint appears too glittery, add more paint to the pan.

Step 4

Paint the wall with the glitter paint. Mix the paint before you reapply paint on the roller to keep the glitter mixed evenly.

Step 5

Continue around the room in this manner, adding glitter to the paint in the pan, and testing it on cardboard before painting the walls.

Painting Glitter Coat on Dry Paint

Step 1

Pour 1 gallon of white glue into a large bucket. Add 1 cup of glitter and mix with a wooden paint stick.

Step 2

Pour some glue onto a paint pan. Use a paint roller to apply the glitter glue onto dry, painted walls. Apply in even strokes, avoiding overlapping the strokes as you apply.

Step 3

Allow the glitter coat to dry for at least five hours.

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