How to Glide on a Longboard

by Missy Farage
Learn the basics of longboarding using these simple steps.

Learn the basics of longboarding using these simple steps.

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Longboarding is a sport derived from two common board sports: surfing and skateboarding. Longboards are considerably longer and heavier than skateboards, making them more stable transportation than skateboards. Lonboarders are generally seen cruising the streets or carving down steep hills at very high speeds. If you're new to longboarding and would like to learn the basics of how to glide along a straight, level area, these simple steps should help.

Items you will need

  • Longboard
  • Smooth, level area
Step 1

Get on the longboard. Place your feet over the longboard's grip tape so that they are perpendicular to the board. Your feet should be approximately 2 feet apart to help you balance on the board.

Step 2

Move the longboard by removing your back foot from the board and pushing off against the ground. Lean forward to balance as you continue to push your back foot off against the ground until you gain sufficient speed.

Step 3

Place your back foot on the back of the longboard again. Bend your knees to help you balance, and hold your arms out to keep yourself upright on the board.

Step 4

Use your knees to absorb any shocks or bumps as you glide down the sidewalk.

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