Do You Give a Girl Flowers on a First Date?

by Chelsea Baldwin
Giving a girl flowers on the first date may not be the best idea.

Giving a girl flowers on the first date may not be the best idea.

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Once you finally get a date with the girl you've been pursuing, you want to make the best impression possible. If you're a more sensitive and romantic type of guy, this could mean you're trying to decide whether or not flowers on the first date are appropriate. While there are a few special occasions where flowers are warranted, dating experts tend to agree that flowers on the first date are not necessary, and could actually give out the wrong signal.

Special Occasions

If your first date with a girl is a special occasion like a prom or a formal dinner or dance, this is an appropriate time to give flowers. While it's a bit old-fashioned, it's still romantic and thoughtful to buy her a corsage and have a matching boutonniere for your suit jacket without taking the risk of overdoing it.

Normal First Dates

If you have a typical first date with a girl that involves going somewhere casual and treating her to some food or a movie, flowers are definitely not necessary and could make the situation awkward. It could send the signal that you're desperate, or make you seem like a jerk who expects something in return, depending on how she interprets the gesture.

Romantic History

If you two have a romantic history but haven't been on a physical date yet, then giving her flowers on your first date is a romantic and sweet gesture. For example, if you met and fell in love online, or if you have been far away from each other for a long time, she'll love to see you at her door with flowers in hand the first time you go out. The general rule of thumb here is to make sure you're not pushing her too far too fast by doing overly romantic things for her.

Be a Gentleman

Even if you don't buy her flowers, acting like a gentleman on your first date out with a girl is one of the best ways to ensure a second date will follow. Don't use trashy language, smile when you greet her, don't try to go too far physically, take an interest in her as a person and don't force a kiss at the end of the night. Following these simple dating etiquette rules will make a far better impression on your first date than any rose ever could.

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