Girly Party Games

by Derek Gonzales
Ask the guest of honor for party planning advice.

Ask the guest of honor for party planning advice.

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Entertaining blossoming young ladies often requires games with a feminine tone. Plan activities that will appeal to young women. Complement girly party games with invitations made from lace doilies. Include plenty of pink balloons, streamers, boas and sequins in your party decorations. Cap off your event with a fashion show. Gather piles of dress-up clothes and invite the girls to choose their attire before walking the runway. For older girls, plan hair and makeup makeovers.

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle

Ask the girls to sit in a circle. Place bottles of different-colored nail polish in the middle of the circle. Have the first girl spin a bottle. When it stops, the girl facing the cap must paint one of her fingernails this color. Continue the game until everyone's nails are polished. If the game begins to lag, let the girls choose whatever colors they'd like to paint the rest of their nails.

Foil Fashion

Give each girl two rolls of aluminum foil from which to create the most fashionable outfit possible. Outfit possibilities include pants and tops, skirts and shirts, dresses and even swimwear. Provide rubber bands, string and masking tape to help the girls fashion their designs. Accessories are a must; provide your guests with jewelry, hats, shoes, belts, hair decorations, sunglasses and purses. Give out prizes for the most original, glamorous, humorous and impractical outfits.

Girly Ball

Use a permanent marker to write questions on an inflatable beach ball. Include such queries as "What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about you?," "What do you want to be when you grow up?," "What is your biggest phobia?" and "If you were invisible, what would you do?" To play the game, ask your guests to sit in a circle. Give the ball to one of the girls so she can throw it to someone. The girl who catches it must answer the question nearest her right thumb before spinning the ball and throwing it to someone else.

Make A Purse

Show your guests how to make a purse. Cut two identical half circles from a sheet of fun foam. Place the pieces together and paper punch holes around the curved edges, about 1 inch apart. Tie a ribbon through the two holes at the top of one side, let out the ribbon to your desired strap length and tie it through the two holes on the top of the other side. Use another piece of ribbon to lace the two pieces of foam together. Decorate the purse with foam cutouts, faux jewels, feathers and craft store baubles.

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