Girly Makeover Party Ideas

by Krystal Miller
Makeover parties are perfect for girly girls.

Makeover parties are perfect for girly girls.

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Plan a makeover party for a girl who loves dressing up and putting on makeup. From the sparkling invitations to the shimmering party games, guests will enjoy a world of grown-up fashion and being glamorous. Give each guest a small purse stuffed with makeover-themed party favors like lip gloss, hair clip, body glitter and dazzling temporary tattoos to take home as a memento of the party.


Take a before and after picture of the guest of honor. For example, take a picture of her with no make-up and a plain shirt. Then take another picture of her with a glitzy outfit and makeup. Place the pictures on a large sheet of paper and write "Come to my makeover party for your very own before and after makeover." For added fun, attach a small tube of body glitter or sample bottle of scented body lotion. Hand-deliver the invitations to your party guests.


Place mirrors all over the party area. Decorate with glitter party decorations, such as streamers, balloons and centerpieces. Scatter beauty and fashion magazines around the room. For added prizes, place stick-on earrings, plastic rings, hair ties and plastic necklaces inside the balloons. Give each guest one or two balloons to take home. Make sashes using 2-inch satin ribbon. Give each girl a ribbon with her name and a glamour word like "Sassy Stephanie" or "Dazzling Danielle."


Make several makeover stations and have an older teen run each station. Some station examples include a nail station for the girls to get their fingers and toes done, a hair station to get their hair done and a makeup station to get a makeup makeover. At the nail station, keep supplies like nail decals, nail polish, fingernail files and nail buffers. At the hair station, use items like glitter hair spray, neon hair extension and colorful head accessories. The makeup station can include a variety of makeup, temporary face tattoos and face glitter.


After the makeovers, host a fashion show and allow each guest a chance to show off her makeover. Award a prize for the best makeover. For another contest, give the girls a large box of formal dresses, flashy skirts and shirts, high heels, costume jewelry, hats, sunglasses, scarves and purses. Have the guests model their fashion outfits for everyone to see. Award a prize to the best, silliest and funniest outfit.

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