Girl's Slumber Party Planning Ideas

by Chelsea Fitzgerald
Pillow fights often occur at slumber parties.

Pillow fights often occur at slumber parties.

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Girls' slumber parties are a time for staying up all night, giggling, gossiping, munching on party foods, participating in amusing activities and generally having a hen party. Planning a slumber party is not an arduous task if you choose a theme and have invitations, snacks, entertainment and decorations that go with the theme.


Ask your daughter what type of theme she wants for her slumber party. Some enjoyable themes are luau, spa party, movie or celebrity night, or one that includes water activities, such as swimming or a water balloon fight. Tropical-themed parties are enjoyable during the cold winter months to mock the frigid temperatures outside, water activities make use of the pleasant weather during the summer summer and spa- or movie-themed parties are perfect any time of the year.


Send out invitations about a month in advance and no later than two weeks before the slumber party. This gives the guests plenty of time to RSVP and to build anticipation. Tropical-looking invitations work well for a luau or party with water activities. Invitations for a spa party may include pictures of nail polish, makeup or hair accessories. Make your own invitations by cutting a circle or square shape out of card stock. Place stickers on the invitations that depict flip-flops, tropical flowers, nail polish or otherwise complement the theme. Include the address, date of the party, a phone number and what time the party begins and ends. Also include whether the girls need a bathing suit or change of clothing if pool or water activities are planned. Instruct the girls to bring a pillow and sleeping bag or blanket if beds are limited.


Make homemade decorations out of poster board to hang on the walls. Cut out theme-related pictures out of magazines, print them off your computer or use stickers and brightly colored drawings with markers on the poster board. Balloons add a festive touch to any slumber party and add colors to the room that coordinate to the theme. Posters of a favorite pop band, animated character, or movie or TV star also add a youthful appeal if the theme is "movie night" or is based on a favorite TV show, such as "Hannah Montana" or "SpongeBob." Crepe-paper streamers also add color and a lively look to the room.


Select your party foods based on your theme. Fruit kabobs, miniature ham sandwiches out of rolls and ham, and petit fours decorated with a tropical-looking flower are perfect for a luau theme. A fruity punch with umbrella picks for the beverage glasses is appropriate for luau- or water-activity-themed slumber parties. Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, finger sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans are simple to prepare and appropriate for a water-themed party. Pizza, popcorn, chips and dip, brownies, cookies and other finger foods are welcome fare for a slumber party any time of the year. Meatballs, cheese cubes, cocktail smokies and other bite-sized appetizers work well for spa parties where the girls try to keep their manicures looking perfect. Have a variety of snacks and drinks available all night long, as the girls generally graze the entire time at slumber parties. Provide danishes, doughnuts or a variety of cereals for a light breakfast along with juice and milk.


Rent theme-related DVDs for late at night when the party is winding down. Providing the guests with a inexpensive pair of flip-flops they can decorate is an enjoyable craft that serves as a party favor as well. Have plenty of beads, ribbon, faux gems, silk flowers or other embellishments for them to glue onto their flip-flops to give them pizzazz. Invest in a wide variety of inexpensive nail polishes, scented lotions, facial masks and scrubs for the spa party activities. Provide disposable cameras so the girls can document the activities. Sample sizes of scented lotions, hair accessories, inexpensive bracelets or other jewelry, individually wrapped hard candy or movie gift certificates make delightful party favors any time of the year.

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