Girls' Gymnastics Camps in Pennsylvania

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Gymnastics can help a young girl develop coordination, flexibility, strength and power. It can also provide opportunities for social interaction, team work and improving self esteem. The following gymnastics camps are located throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

International Gymnastics Camp

For more than 39 years, the International Gymnastics Camp (, located in Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania, offers gymnastics instruction for girls of all levels from ages 7 to 17. The camp's five state-of-the-art gyms are air conditioned and cover 100 acres. Each camp instructor is USAG safety certified. The camp is two weeks in length and helps girls develop gymnastics skills, conditioning, flexibility and discipline. Campers stay overnight in cabins and can enjoy activities, such as campfires and movies during their stay.

Central Pennsylvania Academy of Gymnastics

The Central Pennsylvania Academy of Gymnastics ( offers several summer camps for girls who are entering first grade or are older. The Gym Fun Camp offers a half day of gymnastics instruction followed by a half day of games, crafts and swimming. The Skills Camp is ideal for girls who have previous experience in gymnastics and want to improve their skill levels. The Mini Gym Camp is available for girls who are too young to meet the age requirement for the other camps and includes tumbling, games, stories and snack time.

Camp Lohikan's Gymnastics Program

Camp Lohikan's Gymnastics Program ( is located in Lake Como, Pennsylvania. The camp is held at a 5,300-square-foot, updated facility that features brand new equipment. The camp's skilled, college-level instructors teach the girls the skills and safety procedures they need to know for basic tumbling or using gym equipment, such as the uneven bars, balance beam, vaulting horse and rings. Thick crash pads, safety belts and spotters make the program safe for young girls of all ages and skill levels.

Camp Woodward

Camp Woodward (, located in Woodward, Pennsylvania, offers summer gymnastics camps in a 65,000-square-foot facility. Participants are grouped by age and skill level. They are required to practice for at least two-and-a-half hours per day and are free to participate in open gym time, as well. Participants spend the day learning how to use all types of gymnastics equipment and at night, they sleep in cabins supervised by a camp counselor. Each week, an Olympian or other special guest is featured at the camp.

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