Girl & Boy Party Ideas for Teens

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A pool party is an option for teens.

A pool party is an option for teens.

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Nearly every teen wants to be known for throwing a cool party. Pin the Tail on the Donkey and other traditional birthday games and activities are no longer an option. Parties are also generally co-ed. To throw a cool party, teens should choose a theme and let their imaginations run wild. A traditional dance party is not the only way teens can have a good time.

Movie Parties

Teens love movies. For an expensive party, rent out a portion of a local movie theater and hold a private screening of a popular movie for the birthday teen and his friends. For a more budget-friendly idea, have a movie marathon party at home where teens spend the night watching the birthday teen's favorite movies. Rent a popcorn machine and provide popular movie candies as snacks. If it's a nice night, hang up a sheet outside and use a projection machine to simulate a drive-in movie. Hold a costume party and ask teens to come dressed up as their favorite movie characters. Give prizes for the most creative costumes.

Scavenger Hunts

An inexpensive party idea is to create a scavenger hunt. Divide teens into teams and have them spend the party asking neighbors for items on a list. To make it more creative, create a list of party supplies for teens to try and accumulate from neighbors such as balloons, paper plates or the ingredients to make a birthday cake and hold a party with what the teens receive. Or, invite a bunch of friends to the mall and provide a list of items for teams to find in stores, taking a picture of each item for verification or challenge teams to be the first to "spend" $1 million without going over.

Water Parties

For summer birthdays, consider hosting a pool party by renting out a local pool. Hold diving contests and swim races for party guests. If there is a local water park nearby, consider holding a party there. Many water parks offer special rooms and pavilions for birthday parties. Indoor water parks are an option for winter birthday parties. For a low-cost option, hold a water party in the backyard, setting up "Slip-n-Slides," sprinklers and plastic pools for teens to lounge in. Stage a water gun fight or let teens pummel one another with water-filled balloons.

Music Parties

Hold a party that gives teens a chance to dance. Choose a specific type of music such as an '80s-themed party or a hip-hop party and ask guests to dress according to the theme. Only play music related to the theme. For a regular dance party, hire a popular DJ and turn a room of the house or the backyard into a dance floor, renting colorful lights for the occasion. Hold a dance-off or karaoke competition during the party.

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