Gifts for a Girl's Sweet Sixteen Party

by Kate Bradley

The sweet sixteenth is one of the most important milestones for young girls. With it comes more independence, another step closer to adulthood and a celebration of her blooming youth and beauty. If you need a gift for a lovely, soon-to-be-16-years-old young lady, think in terms of who she is and what she is becoming. Your gift should signify encouragement of her onward progress and celebrate the young woman she is today.

Travel Gifts

Seeing the world -- at least part of it -- is a rewarding and enriching experience for any 16-year-old girl. You don't have to go far to give her incredible memories, either. Send her and her closest friends on a girls-only trip to the nearest big city. They'll need to visit the spa, have dinner at a posh restaurant and perhaps take in a show. If the birthday girl enjoys the outdoors, take her on a camping trip in the mountains or on a whitewater rafting trip.

Fashion Gifts

At 16, many girls are still figuring out their personal sense of style. Give your special girl an edge with a month of a personal shopper's services. She can go along with the shopper and get advice on how to dress to stand out and showcase her best points. Or, give her a day-long makeover. First, send her to a popular salon for a new hairstyle, followed by a session with a makeup artist. Finish with an afternoon shopping spree -- you pick the amount -- to stock her wardrobe with all the best fashions for a beautiful teenage girl. You could also give her a year-long subscription to a personal fashion website, such as She'll get to pick a new item every month for a flat rate.

Educational Gifts

No, she doesn't want to stay in school an extra hour every day, but there may be something she has always wanted to learn outside the classroom. Maybe she is fascinated by Eastern Europe and has dreamed of learning Ukrainian, or loves to dance and would love professional samba instruction. Sign her up for classes or find her a personal instructor. If you can't find a class or teacher, substitute electronic education, such as online classes or educational computer software.

Practical Gifts

If she has a car, keep her prepared for anything with a roadside emergency kit, and teach her how to change a tire. If she doesn't, her sweet sixteenth is the most perfect time to buy her one. Imagine the look on her face when she sees her very own car sitting in the driveway! A more budget-conscious alternative is to simply pay for her to get her driver's license. If she goes out often, upgrade her cell phone to a smartphone with a built-in GPS. If she enjoys reading a lot, get her an e-reader to cut down on trips to the bookstore.

Other Gifts

Is her favorite band coming to town or nearby? Concert tickets are a fail-safe gift she will be thrilled to receive. Backstage passes, if you can finagle them, are a definite plus. Would she like to dabble in modeling? Pay for her to have a professional photo shoot to start her portfolio. At 16, she may be ready for her first piece of "adult" jewelry. A tennis bracelet, a locket engraved with her initials and a small silver watch are all elegant items that can gracefully adorn her neck and wrist for years after her 16th birthday.

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