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6th Grade Christmas Gifts for Parents

Christmas season is a time when children start tallying lists of "I want" items in preparation for the gift unwrapping extravaganza that happens on Christmas morning. By the time students reach sixth grade, they are accustomed to shopping and gift-giving so it's just a matter of directing their attention and enthusiasm for the holiday into arranging the right gift for parents. Sixth grade Christmas gifts for parents can range from "made with love" crafts to store-bought items.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas You Can Make

Making your gift for a baby shower allows you to bring a unique present and show your love and support for the parents-to-be and their new baby. Though a diaper cake is a popular homemade gift, there are other gift options for you to make, allowing your present to stand out in the crowd.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Gamers

Gamers and geeks love to pass on their favorite hobbies to their children. If your favorite gamer has also become an expectant mother or father, your gift can help encourage that like-parent-like-child streak. By looking at what games the parents-to-be enjoy, you can either buy or make the perfect present that will be adored and used often.

Baby Shower Gifts for D&D Players

When most people think of Dungeons & Dragons, they don't think of procreation. But since D&D;'s 1974 introduction, it has become more socially acceptable and popular. Today, third-generation D&D; players are learning the game, with more born every day. It isn't uncommon for couples having children to also game together, so shower gifts based on D&D; can be useful and fun.

Birthday Party Souvenir Gifts for Males

At the close of your birthday party, give the men in attendance a thoughtful token of your appreciation. While it may seem like so many party favors are marketed to children, baby showers and weddings, favors don't have to be gender specific to be universally liked. Whether you embrace stereotypes as you choose your gift or go for something less specific, your favor will be appreciated by the men at your party.

Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette for Multiple Showers

Bridal showers are a time to shower the bride with gifts for her new life as a married woman. If she's having more than one shower, though, your bank account could end up getting soaked. While you want to celebrate the bride-to-be's impending nuptials, how many gifts are you required to give?

Cameron, AZ Lodges

Cameron, Arizona, is just east of the Grand Canyon; the census-designated place provides lodging for tourists looking to start their Grand Canyon adventure. Cameron is small -- its population hovered around just under 1,000, as of the 2000 U.S. Census -- and sits near several large Native American reservations. Hotels in the Cameron and Tuba City area are decorated in a Southwestern style that allows guests to be immersed in the local desert culture.

Classy Bridal Shower Gifts

A bridal shower marks a time to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of an engaged couple. The idea is to shower the pair in gifts. Funny gag gifts can be given, but to truly prepare the two for married life, a classy, useful bridal shower gift is more appropriate.

Colonial Lodging In Williamsburg, VA

Colonial Williamsburg preserves a 173-acre district of historic houses, workshops and public buildings in what was once the 18th-century capital of Virginia, making it one of the most expansive and authentic historic destinations in America. While visitors will find Williamsburg contains a diverse selection of hotels and inns, most have 20th-century, rather than 18th-century, origins. For truly colonial lodgings in Colonial Williamsburg, visitors must proceed directly to the Colonial Houses.

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Put Together

Whether you are hosting a baby shower or just attending one, put together a creative gift individually or with other shower guests. Make the expectant mother's shower a successful occasion by giving her a gift that will help her better prepare for the arrival of her little one.

Cute Ways to Give a Plane Ticket as a Gift

Create a little mystery and suspense when you give the gift of a plane ticket. Of course, you can simply hand the recipient a ticket, but that's not as enjoyable. Wouldn't it be interesting to surprise the person instead? All you have to do is come up with cute ways to give him the ticket. For instance, you can place the gift in items that will not give away the secret. You will love watching the surprised look on the recipient's face.

Decorating Ideas for Bridal Shower Favor Gift Boxes

The bridal shower gives the bride and her friends -- and sometimes the groom, for coed showers -- the chance to celebrate the upcoming wedding in advance. These intimate gatherings are filled with food, games and presents for the bride. However, it is also customary for the bride or the shower's hostess to give her guests a parting gift. If you are thinking about putting your take-home gifts into gift boxes, come up with creative ways to decorate the outside of the boxes.

Five-Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you're bound to forget someone until the last minute. Keep supplies to make quick gifts on hand so you can avoid a trip to the mall on Christmas Eve. A gift you make yourself shows the recipient that you care, even if it only took you a few minutes to put together.

Gag Gifts for a 50-Year-Old's Party

Fiftieth birthdays are not always taken lightly. Truth be told, nearly everyone is impacted somewhat emotionally by hitting the half-century mark. You can ease someone's anxiety about the mile marker birthday by giving him a gag gift. These kinds of gifts are usually frugal items given to make the recipient laugh. When hitting such a significant birthday age as fifty, several items make humorous gag gifts.

Gift Ideas for a Coworker's Bridal Shower

When your coworker is getting married and you need to get a gift for her bridal shower, you have more than good wishes to consider. Since you're colleagues, keep your gift professional. Give her something less personal, such as the type of present you may give a client. For ideas, check her wedding registry, look to traditional wedding shower gifts or select a generic gift that anyone would enjoy.

Gift Ideas for Sculptors

Sculpture is a time-honored art, from masterpieces like Michelangelo's David to cutting edge modern pieces that break boundaries. There is also great diversity in sculpture, where mediums range from lumps of clay to wood and metal, bended and shaped only after heating it with a blowtorch. The right gift can help a sculptor hone her skills and explore new avenues of creativity and passion.

Gifts for a Cello Player

Finding the right gift for a cellist requires attention to items that a cellist needs to play her instrument. Most cellists will appreciate a thoughtful gift that shows you are interested in their music. Remember that musicians can be very passionate and particular about the components for their instrument. For this reason, it is best to find a present they can customize, or that doesn't relate directly to their playing.

Good Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Traveling the World

Buying gifts for a world traveler can be challenging, as a seasoned traveler will likely have the basics. However, there are specialty items that you can easily find that will make any traveler's journey simpler, safer and more seamless. Consider the type of travel the person is doing, the length of her trip and where she is going before making a purchase.

Hunting Gifts for 18-Year-Old Boys

At 18 years old, a boy is becoming a man. If he enjoys hunting, the 18th birthday provides the opportunity to outfit him with the proper supplies to help make his hunting excursions not only better, but also safer. Give a gift card to an outfitter store or get more specific with hunting clothing and camping equipment.