Ghost Hunting Near Wilton, New Hampshire

by Amanda Flanigan Google

In the seemingly quiet small town of Wilton, New Hampshire and the surrounding area, there are many local tales describing tormented spirits haunting particular sites. For those interested in the paranormal, there are opportunities for ghost hunting.

Vale End Cemetery

Home to "the Blue Lady," Vale End Cemetery is located on a hill in Wilton. As the legend goes, when Mary Ritter passed away, her husband buried her in the northwest side of Vale Cemetery. Years later, when Mr. Ritter's second wife Mary Spaulding passed away; he buried her with his first wife as a way to save money. This supposedly angered Mary Ritter's spirit and she now haunts the cemetery. Various eyewitnesses report seeing a blue column of light rising from her grave.

Pine Hill Cemetery

Called "Blood Cemetery" by many of the locals, Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis has been home to Abel Blood since 1867. Buried in the cemetery along with Abel is his wife Betsy. Their tombstone features a hand that points up toward the sky with its index finger. It is said that at night the stone changes and the finger points down toward the ground.

The Country Tavern

The Country Tavern ( is located in Nashua. In 1741, the Ford family, consisting of Elizabeth Ford and her sea captain husband, resided in the building that is now the tavern. When her husband returned home after 10 months at sea to find that Elizabeth had given birth, he became crazy with hate and brutally murdered her and the child. Supposedly Elizabeth's spirit roams the Country Tavern, moving small objects and lifting the hair of women in the ladies room. She has also been seen in the upstairs dining room.


Certain sites, such as the Pine Hill Cemetery, close at dusk and do not allow visitors when closed. Disregarding this can result in a hefty fine or a few nights in jail. Before setting foot on any private property, make sure you have written permission from the owner. If you do not know who owns the property, inquire at the local county court house.

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