Ghost Hunting Equipment for Beginners

by Sally Taylor
A site doesn't need to be old or abandoned for ghosts to be lurking.

A site doesn't need to be old or abandoned for ghosts to be lurking.

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Finding ghosts doesn't always take a lot of technologically advanced equipment. Ghosts have been sending people fleeing from buildings, cemeteries, mine sites and other areas since long before technology was available. Advanced technology does allow ghost hunters to detect, record and photograph them for study, though. Beginning ghost chasers need to understand which equipment they need to start out their hobby or business affordably yet efficiently.

Equipment Necessities

What equipment you need eventually will be determined by how intensely you pursue your hobby. If all you are doing is miscellaneous thrill-seeking, you might be happy just seeing or hearing unexplainable things. Those who are hunting with seriousness will want to build up a complete inventory of tools that will help them locate, record and analyze anomalies their eyes and ears alone would miss. It's best, though, to start inexpensively with just a few pieces of equipment and determine what you need to add to your supplies as you gain experience. It is easy for a beginner to be misled about necessities and waste money on unnecessary items he would not have purchased had he had more experience and knowledge.

Photography Equipment

Photographing anomalies can help you distinguish exactly what it was you saw as well as furnish proof of its presence. There are many high-tech and expensive cameras on the market but beginners can start out with a normal camera. A 35 mm camera or a quality digital with good sensitivity settings can be enough to start with while you learn the tricks of ghost photography, such as how to avoid, filter out or identify misleading interference such as car lights, reflection glare, rain or bugs. Once you get good at photographing anomalies, you might want to step up to more expensive photography equipment.

Audio Equipment

Some electronic voice phenomena can be picked up using standard digital recording equipment. It might take some time to learn to use equipment and editing programs to clarify sounds picked up, especially if they are weak. Some sounds will resemble background noise, while others will have more clarity and volume and will be easier to identify as paranormal. There are digital editing programs online that can help you edit your recordings. Of course, the more sensitive your equipment, the easier it will be to detect sounds that your ears might not pick up or be able to interpret. Get the best recording equipment you can afford. Check for sales of used quality equipment first if you are on a tight budget.

Dectection Equipment

EMF (electro motive force) meters are used to pick up electromagnetic field anomalies. These meters are used to pick up the presence of ghosts by measuring distortions in the electromagnetic field that paranormal entities cause. Motion detectors also are used to detect movement and help locate presences. While standard motion detectors work to an extent, serious hunters use infrared detectors. EMF meters and motion detectors are not absolutely necessary pieces of equipment for a beginner, but they do help to detect presences that you might have otherwise missed.

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