Ghost Hunting in Cemeteries

by Nick Mann
Cemeteries are often hot spots for paranormal activity.

Cemeteries are often hot spots for paranormal activity.

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With large and concentrated volumes of deceased individuals, cemeteries are often one of the best locations for ghost hunting. In fact, there have been numerous documentations of apparitions within cemeteries. While this activity is intended to be fun and educational, it's important to play by the rules. Following a few guidelines should make it possible for most ghost hunters to have a memorable experience, while still remaining safe and legal.

Get Permission

It's always important to check into the legalities surrounding a location before actually conducting a ghost hunt. Since you will most likely be in the cemetery at night, you should make sure that you and your fellow ghost hunters are allowed to be there at that time. You should never trespass on private property or break into gates where you shouldn't. If you are unsure about the legalities, it's usually best to contact the property owner and get permission.

Inspect the Location

It's smart to perform an inspection during the daytime prior to the actual investigation. During this time, you should get acquainted with the overall layout of the cemetery and plot out any particular places of interests. You should also look for any safety hazards to be avoided. This will keep you safer and make the investigating process run more smoothly. In addition, it's often beneficial to research the cemetery to understand its history.

Bring Other Investigators

It's usually not wise to perform ghost hunting in a cemetery alone. Bringing other people will help ensure your safety, and it will be easier to cover more ground. Just be sure that you and everyone else has some form of identification on them in case you are questioned by security or cemetery personnel.

Be Respectful

Cemetery ghost hunters should try not to damage or tamper with anything inside the cemetery. This includes not littering and messing with tombstones or flowers. Engaging in this type of behavior is simply bad etiquette and should be avoided.

Document Your Evidence

While conducting a ghost hunt investigation in a cemetery, most people will want to record any evidence of ghosts that they find. Some methods of accomplishing this include taking pictures, recording video footage and recording electronic voice phenomena.

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