About the Getzen Trumpet

by Joshua Liu

The Getzen Company, located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, is a private, family-owned manufacturer of brass instruments. Its products include trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, trombones and baritone horns. Trumpets are among the company's most popular products, and many types of musicians use them, from beginners to professionals.

Early History

In 1939 Anthony James (T.J.) Getzen founded the Getzen Company in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Getzen originally worked with the Holton manufacturing plant but left to found his own line of brass instruments. After World War II he expanded his business to include manufacturing instruments, and Getzen produced its first trombones in 1946. By 1949 the company also produced trumpets, cornets and piston bugles. In late 1960 the family sold the business to Harold Knowlton, who ran the company until 1985.

Modern Business

After leaving the Getzen Company in 1959, T.J. Getzen founded Allied Music, which his grandsons Thomas and Edward acquired in 1985. The same year Knowlton sold Getzen to Charles Andrews, who later sold it to the Getzen brothers in 1991. Thomas and Edward ran the company together until 1999, when Thomas bought out his brother's share. The current leadership consists of Thomas with his two sons, continuing the tradition of family leadership.

Trumpet Production

All Getzen trumpets feature hand-spun bells made from high-quality materials. These bells can vary from one-piece, hand-hammered bells of the Custom Series and Artist Model lines to seamless bells of the 300/400 Series. The core of the Getzen trumpet lies in its famous valve action -- Getzen trumpets use hand-lapped, nickel and silver pistons, perhaps the fastest and most durable pistons in the market. Every Getzen trumpet is hand-mounted and assembled by a staff of highly trained craftspeople.

Trumpet Categories

The 300/400 series is the beginner line of Getzen trumpets, designed for musicians starting out. The Capri and 700 series and the more advanced Eterna series are designed for students and are of higher quality. Getzen's professional models include the Custom, Artist Custom and Genesis Custom series. These higher-end models offer high-quality features, such as one-piece bells and interchangeable lead pipes. Getzen also produces C trumpets, two models of piccolo trumpet and herald, bass and field trumpets.

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