Georgia Plantation Deer Hunting

by Zach Lazzari
Georgia plantations offer trophy deer and private hunting.

Georgia plantations offer trophy deer and private hunting. Images

Georgia plantations are large areas of private lands. Plantations are often in excess of 1,000 acres and the private area provides exclusive opportunities for deer hunters. Plantations require fees for hunting permission, and many other activities are often available for guests and hunters. Hunting deer on plantations provides an opportunity to bag a trophy-caliber animal.


Georgia plantations are managed to encourage balanced female and male populations. The management prevents the deer from overpopulating and stunting growth. Management is necessary because the natural predators are limited in Georgia and the lure of paying for access is the opportunity for a trophy. Management is executed by the hunters, in many cases, and the property owner requires the hunter to kill at least one female deer before shooting a male.


Plantations are open for archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunting with time restrictions based on the state-determined seasons. The seasons are subject to change each year and the plantations begin selling dates when the seasons are announced. Tentative dates are also available for reservation on some of the plantations. The hunting technique chosen depends on the dates available and the preference of the hunter. Archery and muzzleloader are common choices because permanent blinds and stands offer close-range shooting opportunities.


Georgia plantation hunting is private but you may not be the only hunter visiting. The plantations have permanent blinds and stands that allow multiple hunters to work the property without overlap. The hunter is often assigned one or more locations on the property that are not available to the other hunters. The blind locations are rotated throughout the stay until all of the tags are filled. The blinds and stands are strategically placed around feed areas, water areas and trails that deer frequent. The deer are accustomed to the permanent structures on the property and do not avoid the structure areas.


Plantation hunters may endure weather changes and uncomfortable conditions in the blind, but most plantations offer comfortable lodging and warm meals. Plantation hunting is not a rigged event and bivouac camping is not required. The high price tag is accompanied by breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and opportunities for additional bird hunts and fishing on plantations with ponds. The animals are field-dressed and processed by the staff; helping is voluntary.

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