Garage Party Ideas

by Jennifer Leigh
Decorate your garage for a festive and fun party.

Decorate your garage for a festive and fun party.

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Planning and throwing a party does not have to be hard work. Choose a location where you can entertain casually without worrying about making a mess to make the process even simpler. A garage is a perfect venue for a party that is no muss and no fuss, with a little creative planning and energy put into it. Clean out your garage, hide the tools and get ready to party.

Dance Party

A dance party is fun for people of all ages. Even if it feels a bit childish, there is a good chance your guests will enjoy the opportunity to let loose and dance the day or night away. This is also a good idea for a party for teenagers or young adults. The lighting is important as you do not want really bright lights. Consider a disco ball or strings of holiday lights or lanterns to provide a nice glow to go along with the music. Make a playlist of your favorite songs so the music does not stop once it begins, and make sure the dance area is cleared to get your guests dancing.

Casino Night

Place card tables in your garage for a fun casino night. Put as many tables in your garage as you can and place a different game at each table. Good games for a casino night include poker, blackjack and craps. Place a table against one wall to hold drinks and appetizers and encourage your guests to mingle and play the games. Winnings can go for door prizes at the end of the night, such as a bottle of wine or a gift basket.

Dinner Party

Make your garage into an elegant outdoor terrace for a dinner party. Place curtains on your open garage doors and put candles on the tables to create an intimate indoor/outdoor experience. Serve your favorite dinner party meal to your guests while they are sitting at the table or tables. Choose a theme such as Italian or French and play soft music in the background to match the theme.

Other Ideas

Have a theme party in your garage such as a luau or a sporting event. Decorate to reflect the theme and cover any details of your garage that cannot be removed, such as tools. For a sporting event, bring a television outdoors so that guests can watch the game. The garage also gives you the option to use a grill to make appetizers or dinner items outdoors.

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