Games for Teens' Dance Parties

by Christine Gauvreau
Choose games that encourage teens to show off their best dance moves.

Choose games that encourage teens to show off their best dance moves.

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While many teens would prefer to be left alone, it is probably best to provide a bit of adult guidance at a dance party. Freestyle dancing is the main event for this type of party, but a couple of games help to not only keep them occupied but also break the ice among guests who may not otherwise mingle on -- or off -- the dance floor.

Follow the Leader

Have party guests form a circle on the dance floor. Choose one person to be the leader. The leader steps into the center of the dance floor and performs a dance move. When he is finished, he returns to his place in the circle and the person to his right steps into the circle. That player must repeat the dance move performed by the leader and then add a dance move of her own. The next guest must perform both moves and add another as well. Play continues as each player steps into the circle to repeat the moves and adds one more. A player who mixes up the order or forgets one of the dance moves is out of the game. Play continues until only one player remains.

Broom Dance

This game requires an odd number of players, so have players take turns sitting out if needed. Start the music and place a broom near the dance floor. Instruct guests to pair up when the music stops. The player left without a partner must grab the broom. When the music starts again, the couples dance with their partners as the odd player dances with the broom. When the music stops, players must switch partners and a new player is left to dance with the broom.


In this take on reality television dance auditions, no one gets eliminated because the object is only to entertain and amuse fellow guests. Assign three of the guests to be the judges and the rest of the guest to be the dancers. Have the judges sit down and the dancers stand in line for a turn to perform. As the first dancer steps up in front of the judges, play a random song and instruct the dancer to give her best audition. Have the judges rate each dancer according to categories such as best, funniest, wildest, most creative and weirdest dance.

Dance-Themed Charades

When guests aren't on the dance floor, engage them in a game of charades. On small pieces of paper, write the names of dance-themed movies, television programs or phrases that contain the word "dance." Fold the papers and place them in a hat. Divide the players into two teams. Have each team select a player to be the actor for the round, and have of the actors select an item from the hat. Give the actors five minutes to act out the phrase that is written on the paper. The actors may use gestures but no words as their teammates try to guess the answer. A successful guess earns a point for the team.

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