Games to Play to Scare Guests at an Adult Halloween Party

by Kent Page McGroarty
Play pumpkin carving games to see who can come up with the scariest jack-o-lantern.

Play pumpkin carving games to see who can come up with the scariest jack-o-lantern.

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Halloween parties are enjoyed by kids and adults alike, as they are a chance to dress up in crazy costumes and gorge on sweets. They are also an excuse to play scary games, which presents much more of a challenge for adult players than children, as adults are not so easily frightened. Utilize creepy areas of your hometown as well as any areas of your home, such as an unfinished basement, for games that will chill the blood of your guests.

Scavenger Hunt Games

Scavenger hunts are fun at any age, and they can get all the more detailed when players can drive vehicles to various locations. Create a scary item list, such as dirt from an unmarked grave, a tree branch from a creepy nearby wooded area and water from a "haunted" stream or lake. Players will tremble as they wander through nearby graveyards or troop through a wooded area while the wind howls. Provide maps if necessary, to prevent players from getting lost.

Storytelling Games

On the party invitations, inform guests that they should be thinking of the scariest story they know to tell at the party. The game is played by each participant getting a turn to horrify/scare fellow party guests with a creepy story. The winner is the person who tells the scariest story, which can be determined by party guest "judges" not participating in the storytelling or by vote. Guests can be encouraged to bring props such as a severed rubber hand, though they should be careful not to reveal their props until the right time in their stories.

Tag Games

Another game enjoyed by party goers of all ages is tag with a "monster" twist. Select a party-goer who wants to play the "monster" and dress him up in a scary mask such as Ghostface from the "Scream" films, as a zombie or in any other scary costume. The last person left "alive" (untagged) wins the game. An especially scary version of this game is to have your monster volunteer arrive at the party early to get dressed up and have him hide until the game starts.

Mini Haunted House Games

Another scary game idea is to create mini haunted houses in designated areas of your home, such as the basement or front hall, as well as in your backyard. Assign teams and provide players with materials for constructing mini haunts, such as faux weapons including knives, axes, swords, daggers and guns, as well as other items such as costumes and makeup for scary costumes, faux headstones, rubber body parts, fake rats and snakes, and any other items you find terrifying. Players that come up with the scariest haunt win.

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