The Games to Play at a Restaurant Birthday Party for Women

by Donni Jones
A few games will liven up a restaurant birthday dinner.

A few games will liven up a restaurant birthday dinner.

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Activities for women's birthday parties at restaurants don't have to be limited to just giving gifts and eating the meal. Add another layer of fun by letting the party attendees play some restaurant-friendly games. Consider one or more of these ideas to keep the ladies laughing and entertained.

Wacky Words

Play word scramble: pass out sheets of paper that have 15 scrambled words relating to a certain subject and see who can decipher the most in 4 minutes. For example, if the subject is "desserts," the scrambled words could include "pudding," "cupcake," "chocolate" and "pastry." Or, give everyone the same word and 5 minutes to see who can come up with the most words, with a minimum of four letters, using only letters from the given word. From "birthday," for example, form the words "bard,' "raid," "diary" and "tardy." Or, pick a woman-centered word: from "ladylike," you can form "dill," "lead," "yell" and "dial.

Tricky Trivia

Pick a topic with which all the women are familiar, such as a favorite television program, and come up with challenging questions. If it's a women's church group, go with Bible-themed questions geared toward Old Testament women, Jesus's miracles or the parables. Or, challenge the ladies with a random topic, such as astronomy, history or the human body. For example, see who can think of the most three-letter body parts in 3 minutes (eye, ear, leg, arm, rib, toe, gut, gum, lip, jaw, hip). Or, give everyone a list of specializations to correctly guess what they deal with (pulmonology: lungs; dermatology: skin; nephrology: kidney; hepatology: liver), and ask such questions as, "Which part of your eye receives no blood at all: iris, cornea or retina?" "How far does food travel in the average adult's digestive tract: 10, 20 or 30 feet?" and "A person with bromidrosis has smelly armpits, breath or smelly feet?"

Good Guess

Play 20 Questions. Give everyone a topic, such as "famous female," and allow them 20 yes or no questions to try to figure out who you are. For example, they cannot ask, "When were you born?" but they can ask, "Are you alive today?" Another guessing game is to give everyone a topic such as "female animals." Have everyone tape a card to their foreheads without looking at it, then let them ask each other yes or no questions until everyone has figured out what animal is on her card (cow/heifer, doe, bitch, ewe, hen, mare, sow, tigress, worker bee).

Right Recollection

As soon as everyone sits down to the table, give each person a woman-centric word or phrase such as, "you go girl," "girl power" or "winning women." Tell them they can't write it down; they'll just need to remember it for a game that will be played later. Then, just before the birthday dessert is served, see if anyone can remember her phrase. Those who do get a prize. Another take on this is to pair everyone up and have partners ask each other something like their mother's maiden name, birth sign, favorite color or favorite genre of movie. Again, they can't write it down; they'll just need to remember it for a game to be played later. Then, just before you leave, ask if anyone can remember their partner's info.

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