Games to Play at a 12-Year-Old Girl's Slumber Party

by Krystal Miller
Plan sleepover games for a slumber party for a group of preteens.

Plan sleepover games for a slumber party for a group of preteens.

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Avoid watching your 12-year-old daughter's sleepover turn boring by planning a variety of party games. Party games will keep the girls involved in the party, as well as give them a chance to win prizes to take home as mementos of the party. Tape the girls playing games and allow them to watch it later that night for some definite laughs.

Sleeping Bag Games

Some 12-year-old girls may insist they are too "old" to play games; however, planning the right games to keep them interested will create a successful party and ensure they have fun. The girls can use sleeping bags to play a few easy games to get the party started. Instead of musical chairs, play a game of musical sleeping bags. You can also play guess who is in the sleeping bag by selecting one girl to leave the room. All the other girls must get in a sleeping bag. When the girl comes back in the room, she must sit on a sleeping bag and the girl inside must say one word. If she guesses who is in the bag, the girl is the new "it." If not, she must sit on another bag and try again. The girls can also use sleeping bags to have a sleeping bag race by getting in the bags and racing from one side of the room to the other.


Allow the girls a chance to show off their creativity, imagination and artistic skills by preparing a few craft contests. Many 12 year olds love to explore and create new things. Give each of the girls a pair of flip-flops and fabric pieces. Tell the girls to make a pair of funky flip-flops. Other items they can use include glitter pens, rhinestones, sequins and craft feathers. Award prizes to the best and most creative flip-flops. The girls can also take their flip-flops home as a memento of the party. Another craft contest is pillowcase making. The girls will use fabric markers, puff paint pens and glitter to see who can design the best pillowcase.

Messy Games

Most 12-year-old girls will not mind getting messy in order to win a prize or two. For a messy game, fill a small plastic swimming pool with cooked oatmeal. Place several prizes 12-year-old girls will love inside plastic zipper bags, including hair accessories, lipstick, makeup, jewelry, notepads and pens, and hide them in the oatmeal. Each girl has 15 seconds to dig in the oatmeal blindfolded and retrieve as many prizes as she can. They can keep the prizes they find and the girl who finds the most prizes wins an additional prize. For added fun, use a marker to draw a star on a couple of the prizes. The tween who finds these prizes also wins an additional prize.

Nighttime Games

Planning nighttime games will get the tweens outdoors to conquer any fears of the dark they may still have. The 12-year-old girls will enjoy testing their own "darkness fear factor." Start with an outdoor game of flashlight tag, in which one girl has a flashlight and tags other players by shining the light on them. Have the girls keep playing until everyone has a turn to be "it." Or you can hide several glow-in-the-dark items outside and have the girls hunt for the items. Award a prize to the girl who finds the most. The girls can also play a game of hide and seek in the dark.

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