Games to Play at an 11-Year-Old Boy's Birthday Party for Three Kids

by Donna Tinus
Use balloons to decorate the party room and for games.

Use balloons to decorate the party room and for games.

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Most 11-year-old boys are super-active, sometimes making it difficult for a mother to keep them entertained. At a birthday party, you can alternate active games with quiet seat games. The boys will be more willing to sit and play a game or help make a pizza for lunch if they had a chance to run around for a little bit first.

Balloon Game

Cut a circle out of construction paper and draw circles on it to make a target. Place the target on the floor in the middle of of the room. Give each boy a balloon of a different color and tell him to blow it up, then hold the neck closed with his fingers. On the count of three, all the children release their balloons at once. The winner is the boy whose balloon came closest to the middle of the target. The boys will want to repeat this over and over. Either give each winner a small prize after each game or give out points over the course of the game. Add up the points after 10 games, then give a prize for the most points overall.

Treasure Hunt

Before the party starts, prepare the treasure hunt. Write up riddles that are clues for finding other clues -- the answer leads to another clue. The final clue leads to the treasure, which could be a prize for each boy. An example of a clue might be, "Look in the place that has a face, but doesn't tell time." The answer is a picture on the wall that has a clue behind it. The next clue might say, "Swingers and sliders look under the rock." The answer would be a clue hidden under a rock near the swing set outside. Be sure to have a treasure hidden in the final place in the hunt.

Water Fight

A water fight is a fun way to beat the summer heat and allow the boys to run around a little. Give each boy a water gun and allow them to run around the yard and shoot one another. Alternatively, you could give each boy a bucket of water balloons, and they can throw the water balloons at one another. In the invitation, request that each boy brings a change of clothes, or he could be uncomfortable wearing wet clothes for the rest of the party.


Have the boys sit down at a table. Give each boy a bowl filled with candy-coated chocolates like M&Ms; or other small candy. Place an empty bowl and a straw in front of the candy bowl. Their goal is to use the straw to suck up the candy so it sticks to the end of the straw, then bring the candy to the empty bowl and drop it in. This can either be a timed game, with the boy transferring the most as the winner, or you can set the rules that the first boy to transfer all the candy is the winner. The winner gets a prize, and everyone gets to eat their candy.

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