Games for Kids to Play at a 6-Year Old's Birthday Party

by Krystal Miller
Use balloons to create games for 6-year-olds.

Use balloons to create games for 6-year-olds.

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Aside from the food and presents, birthday parties for 6-year-olds should contain a variety of games. Games keep the children involved in the party and give them a chance to earn prizes to take home as mementos of the party. Avoid games that are too long or complex, as 6-year-olds may become bored and lose interest.

Chasing Games

Most children enjoy a friendly game of tag, so plan a few chasing games. Play a classic game of tag and the last player tagged by the "it" child wins a prize. The player who wins a prize is "it" player for the next game. Tie a piece of crepe streamer to the back of each child's pants like a cat or dog tail. When you say "Go," the children must try to take other players' tails. If a child loses his tail, he is out of the game. The last player with a tail wins the game.

Relay Races

Prepare relay races for a group of energetic 6-year-olds. Mark a starting line and finish line 20 feet apart. Divide the children into two teams and give the first player in each team line a hula-hoop. Each player must roll a hula-hoop to the finish line and back to the starting line. She hands the hoop off to the next player in line, who must do the same thing. The first team to finish the relay race wins the game. Other race ideas include kicking a ball, hopping, running backwards and a sack race using pillowcases or burlap sacks.

Balloon Games

Play both clean and messy games using balloons. For a clean game, have a balloon-popping contest. Inflate several balloons and see who can pop the most balloons in 30 seconds. For a messy game, fill the balloons with shaving cream instead of air. Play the game on a plastic tarp to make the game more difficult, because children will be slipping and sliding. Make several water balloons for a wet game on a hot summer day. Have the children select partners and the team who tosses its water balloon the farthest distance without popping the balloon wins the game.

Scavenger Hunts

Many 6-year-old enjoy playing outside so plan a nature scavenger hunt for them to complete. Divide the children into teams and give each team a list of nature items, such as a black twig, brown leaf, grass blade and gray rock. Write down 25 items on each list and the team who finds 20 of the 25 items first wins the game. A fun way for the children to collect party favors is with a hunt. Hide party favors all over the play area and give each child a favor bag. They must find their own party favors to take home from the party. Award an additional prize to the child who finds the most.

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