Games for Infants for a Birthday Party

by Sarah Mollman
Get the infants at a birthday party involved in entertaining games.

Get the infants at a birthday party involved in entertaining games.

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Whether you have infants attending an adult's birthday party or the birthday party of another infant, you can provide fun-filled games in which the little ones can take part. Parents can watch as their baby interacts with the others. You can even capture these adorable moments of activity on camera or video to show your little sweetie in the future.


You can play music for infants at a birthday party to enjoy or give the little ones noise-makers to create music. Try playing a CD of nursery rhymes songs or other child favorites. To make it a game, sit in a circle with each parent holding her child on her lap and sing the songs together. You can even make up fun hand motions to go with each song. Another option is to give each infant a spoon to bang on a pot or bowl to create musical sounds.


Entertain infants at a birthday party with bubbles. Help the children blow bubbles by doing it yourself and allow the kids to observe. You can also show the infants how to blow the bubbles and then give each child a chance to blow bubbles also. Make a game out of blowing bubbles by seeing which infant can pop the most bubbles. Show the babies how you can clap to make the bubbles pop. You can even use a bubble machine to create the bubbles.

Obstacle Course

Hosts can create an obstacle course game for the infants at a birthday party that is as entertaining for the parents to watch as it is for the children to participate in. To do this, place desirable toys like dolls, trucks or balls throughout a large space at your party location. Set up obstacles in front of the toys like pillows, tunnels, bowling pins, phone books or piles of clean laundry and watch as the infants are set free to crawl or scoot through the obstacles to get to the toys.

Sandbox Hunt

You can send babies at an outdoor birthday party on a sandbox hunt. Use your backyard sandbox or if you do not have one, fill a backyard baby pool with sand. Hide toys like trucks, plastic animals or balls under the sand. Make sure to fill the sandbox with enough toys for each child to find at least one. Help the infants dig in the sand with sandbox toys like sand scoops to find the toys under the sand. The toys you fill the sandbox with can serve as party favors so that each child can take one home. Parents should monitor infants closely to make sure they don't eat any of the sand.

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