Games and Ideas for a 13-Year-Old Girl's Party

by Donna Tinus

Turning 13 years old is a major milestone in a girl's life. This is a time when she is feeling some growing pains. No longer a child, she wants to be independent but her parents undoubtedly feel she still needs some supervision at her party. The two of you can compromise and come up with some party ideas that should make both of you happy.


Most teenage girls enjoy makeovers and playing with cosmetics. Start with a relaxing mud pack facial for each girl. This activity teaches proper skin care and should get the giggling started. Get makeup samples from someone you know who sells cosmetics and let the girls try different looks with the makeup. Alternatively, you should be able to get samples from the cosmetic counters at department stores. If not, buy several inexpensive cosmetics at the drug store. Give the girls manicure supplies and several bottles of nail polish so they can do each others fingernails and toenails. Or arrange for someone from a local salon to come and teach makeup applications to the girls so they will learn the correct way to enhance their beauty without overdoing it.

"American Idol"

Perhaps your 13-year-old daughter might want to have an "American Idol" themed party. Use a karaoke machine to assist the girls with their "auditions." Many rental places carry them or you could purchase one relatively inexpensively. Each girl takes a turn singing for the other girls, who act as judges. Decorate the party room with old CDs, records and posters of pop idols. Decorate a cake with silver frosting to look like a CD or black frosting to look like a record.


If the birthday girl and her friends are active types, consider taking them to a bowling alley, a laser tag venue or roller-skating. Some 13-year-olds may enjoy indoor rock climbing. A hike in a park or a swim at the beach with a picnic may be fun for a birthday girl who enjoys the outdoors. Other girls might enjoy going to a museum or planetarium. Consider taking the guests to a play at a local theater. Keep the group small and consider their interests so the adventure will be fun for everyone.

Scavenger Hunt

Have a scavenger hunt at the mall for a 13th birthday party. Pair up the girls in groups of two. Give each pair a list of items that they must find in the mall. The list could include things like a perfume sample, a straw, a takeout menu, a gumball, a coffee sleeve from a coffee store or a plastic spoon. Tell the guests to meet at a certain area in the mall at a predetermined time. The girls who get everything on the list or the most items receive a small prize, such as a piece of costume jewelry. After the scavenger hunt, treat them to some fast food in the mall.

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