Games for a Girl's Birthday Party for Kids That Are 11 Years of Age

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Preteen girls are serious about birthdays.

Preteen girls are serious about birthdays.

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There are few events more entertaining and noisy than a birthday party for an 11-year-old girl. The sheer volume of squeals and giggles in gathering a group of this demographic together is awe-inspiring. Planning fun games to harness the unbridled energy of these kids to maximize the fun can be a tough task. The good news: they will have fun with just about anything.

Costume Contest

Young girls often love to dress up. Make a costume party with a specific theme such as Disney or Nickelodeon. Hire a photographer to take pictures of the kids as they walk down the red carpet and enter your house. Some photographers will do this in a reasonably priced way to have the opportunity to sell the parents more pictures. Show the movies of the theme you picked out and organize games around the theme. Other costume theme ideas include: nerds, superheroes, pirates, Hollywood and Western, to name a few. Have all attendees vote on the best costume to determine the winners.

Makeover Contest

While many boys will reject the notion, a spa party can be a sure hit with girls. Call on a friend that sells cosmetics or is a hairstylist to contribute to the fun. Take lots of pictures as you makeover the kids. Have a lot of nail polish, skin care products, hair care products and makeover gear available. Another alternative is to purchase small gift cards to a local discount store or mall and take the kids on a spa shopping trip to prepare for this pampering. Once the supplies are gathered, have a makeover competition. Themes for potential grand prize winners are: the most dramatic difference, the silliest, the scariest or the most realistic.

Karaoke Contest

Break out the digital video camera and karaoke machine and create the next YouTube viral video, with parent's permission, of course. Kids of this age often enjoy being a star in a music video or funny clip. Poll the kids about what songs they want and download them from your favorite music download store. If they do not have the karaoke version, you can typically find the lyrics for the songs on the performer's website. Be sure to include a special rendition of "Happy Birthday" for the birthday girl. Establish a panel of judges including the mean, British-accented type and vote for who moves to the next round of the karaoke competition. The grand prize winner, preferably the birthday girl, gets the wild cheers from the fans and the prize.

Water Party

Parties involving water fights are often fun, especially in dog days of summer. Fill three or four small plastic swimming pools with water balloons and sponges and place them strategically in the yard. Set up a large sprinkler in the middle of the battlefield as a distraction and set some places to hide. Place buckets of water throughout the yard for filling pump-action squirt guns. Ring a bell to begin the water carnage. At the end, instruct all the kids to turn on the birthday girl if you think she is the type that would enjoy the attention.

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