Games for a Football-Themed Party

by Kate Bradley
Toss around the pigskin to get your guests in the mood for football.

Toss around the pigskin to get your guests in the mood for football.

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You've got the football-shaped cake, the big-screen TV and the guests all wearing their favorite jerseys, but don't forget the entertainment. Games for a football-themed party run the gamut from ultra-active outdoor fun to activities you can play sitting in the living room. Plan a variety of games for your football-themed party to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.

Icebreaker Games

Get a pack of sticky notes and write football-related things or the names of players or coaches. Think Vince Lombardi, Joe Montana, mascot, cheerleader or the 50-yard line. Put one on each guest's forehead as he arrives. Have guests mingle and try to guess what's written on the note on their foreheads by asking other guests yes-or-no questions. Or, hold a touchdown dance-off to help guests relax with other guests they may not know well. Have each guest "Go long!" and catch the football. Wherever he catches it, he must stop and do his own unique touchdown dance. Designate two adults or non-players as judges. Judge on originality, enthusiasm and dance skills, but keep it light and funny so everyone enjoys being silly together.

Paper Games

Make your own football-themed Bingo cards. Instead of writing "Bingo" at the top, write your favorite pro football team, such as "Colts." In the squares, you can write famous football players' names or football terminology, such as extra point or field goal. Write all the names and terminology on strips of paper and put them in a shaker for the caller to draw. When a guest gets Bingo, she gets a football-shaped cookie. Or, split guests into teams of three and give each team its own note pad. On a dry-erase board or poster, write different football-related categories, such as player, coach, team or position. Pick a letter at random and tell teams they have two minutes to write down a word for each category that begins with that letter. Award one point for unique answers only; duplicate answers get no points. Play as many rounds as guests like. Be creative with your categories, for example, "Things you do at a tailgating party."

Active Games

Go outside and play a game of touch football. Have a football-kicking competition. Turn the classic kids' game "Capture the Flag" into "Capture the Football." Divide guests into two teams and put a football behind both. Stick a ribbon in every guest's pocket, leaving about half its length hanging out. Tell teams that they must steal the other team's football without having any player's ribbon yanked out. The team to successfully bring the other team's football into its territory without losing a ribbon wins.

Other Games

Hang a football pinata from the garage ceiling and let guests take turns trying to whack it. Watch a football game together and designate one or two words as "forbidden." Choose words like 'football' or 'touchdown' to make it extra difficult. Tell players they cannot say these words during the game. When someone is caught saying the forbidden word, she is out. The last player standing is the winner. Or, play football charades. Encourage guests to be as demonstrative with facial expressions as possible to make it even funnier.

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