Games & Food Ideas for a Harvest-Themed Party

by Donni Jones
Make the bounty of fall harvest your party theme.

Make the bounty of fall harvest your party theme.

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A harvest-themed party works well for kids of all ages. The theme will be a welcome change from what people are used to, and you can find many things to tie into it. Incorporate the harvest theme in your party decorations, games, food and drinks.


Decorate for your harvest party with fall in mind. Put up streamers and clusters of balloons. For a table centerpiece, fill bottles or vases with candy corn. Hang a "Harvest Party" banner. Draw big leaves onto poster board, spray paint them the purple, green, orange, gold, brown and red, and hang them on the walls. Set out items such as pumpkins and stacked bales of hay; and prominently feature a display of harvest bounty -- a bushel basket or cornucopia of vegetables and fruits.


Have a word scramble using such harvest fruits and vegetables as "apple, "potato," "pumpkin," "corn," and cranberry." Fill a small jar with pumpkin seeds and let guests guess how many are in there. At a kids' party, set out a hole punch, string, scissors, poster board, and markers; let kids cut out and color a harvest-produce item of their choice and wear it as a necklace. Play trivia using fun facts about harvest fruits and vegetables. Shop at a party-supply or craft store for miniature plastic fruits and vegetables or fruit and vegetable magnets. Hide them all over the party location and invite everyone on a scavenger hunt to look for them.


Make or purchase a big scarecrow, put harvest produce in its lap and in its pockets, and prop it up next to a chair so that guests can have their picture taken with it. Also, let everyone have a turn at karaoke. Use songs that fit the party theme such as "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young, "The Scarecrow" by Pink Floyd, "Harvest Breed" by Nick Drake, "Chill of An Early Fall" by George Strait, "Harvest Home" by Big Country, "Forever Autumn" by The Moody Blues, and "Harvest For The World" by The Isley Brothers.


Base your party menu, of course, around fall-harvest foods, including broccoli, pears, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, pumpkin, leeks, apples, cauliflower, sweet potato, berries and mushrooms. Cook or have catered a spread such as stuffed-cabbage purses, sweet potato fries and beef-and-mushroom kebabs. For dessert, serve pumpkin trifle or pumpkin bread. For kids, serve apple cider and strawberry punch; for adults, serve apple martinis and raspberry rum cocktails.

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