Games for a Fiesta-Themed Party

by Kate Bradley
Colorful decorations can help make your party even more festive.

Colorful decorations can help make your party even more festive. Images

A fiesta-themed party is an excellent chance to dance, eat, drink and play. When everyone has finished their tacos, get together for some hilarious and exciting party games. Both kids and adults can enjoy games at a fiesta-themed party; after all, the point of a fiesta is to let loose, have fun and celebrate.

Active Games

A fiesta just isn't complete without a pinata. Hang it outside and let your blindfolded party guests whack it into submission, scattering treats for everyone. If you have a sombrero on hand, start a Mexican Hat Dance. It's similar to musical chairs and easy to play. If your guests want to get really active, toss them a "futbol" and send them into the back yard. Make your own Mexican soccer jerseys with plain white T-shirts beforehand and host a mini tournament.

Kids' Games

Don't make the younger set sit on the sidelines. Try "Bebe Leche," the Mexican form of hopscotch, or "Escondido," Mexican hide-and-seek. Both games are identical to American versions but kids may find them much more exotic if you teach them a few Spanish words to use when playing. Or play Mexican Jumping Bean. Explain that a Mexican jumping bean is really a seed pod that has a moth larva inside that moves about when the pod is warmed, causing it to "jump." Play music and have the kids stand in an open space. Tell them they must jump while the music plays but when it stops, they must stop. Any child still jumping when the music stops is out.

Food and Drink Games

In your invitations, request adults to bring a batch of their favorite margaritas. When they arrive, label each batch with a number. Give party guests scorecards and have them try a sample from each batch. Guests can gives scores on a 1 to 10 scale. The margarita with the highest score wins. You can also stage a chili pepper-eating contest. Provide latex gloves to hold the hottest peppers and have glasses of milk available. Start the contestants with the mildest pepper and move up the scale, eliminating guests as they can't handle the spiciness. The guest who can take the most spice is the winner.

Other Games

Grab a sombrero, line up your party guests and play "Pass the Sombrero." The first person puts the sombrero under her chin and tries to pass it to the next guest. No hands are allowed and whoever drops the hat is out. Or go for the fiesta classic, limbo. Play some salsa music and have two guests hold the ends of a long, thin pole. Guests line up and dance in place. Start with the pole at eye level, moving it down a little more after every round. As guests move up in the line, they must bend over backward and try to get underneath the pole without touching it and then join the end of the line. If they touch the pole, they are out.

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