Games for a Child's Mardi Gras Birthday Party

by Christine Gauvreau
Play games inspired by Mardi Gras.

Play games inspired by Mardi Gras.

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A child whose birthday occurs around the time of Mardi Gras may want to celebrate with a party in the festive theme of this annual event. Because carnivals are part of this celebration, plenty of games and activities should be included in the party. Use the color scheme, costumes and items that are distinct to Mardi Gras to create party games in the spirit of the celebration.

Doubloon Toss

In the Doubloon Toss game, players toss coins into cups to earn points. Gather together ten clear, plastic tumblers. Separate the tumblers into three sets of three. Paint one set green, one set purple and one set gold. Paint the remaining tumbler a combination of the three colors. Arrange the colored cups on a table in the shape of a triangle. Mix the different colors in the arrangement. Place the multicolored tumbler in the center. Assign point values to the cups according to their colors. Give the highest value of points to the multicolored cup. Hand out plastic or chocolate doubloons for players to toss into the cups and earn points accordingly. Add tape to the bottom of the tumblers if they tip over.

Mask-Making Scavenger Hunt

Hide the supplies for a Mardi Gras mask-making craft around the party area. Set a timer and send guests on a scavenger hunt for the items they need to create their masks. Items to hide include plain masks, glue, sequins, feathers, beads, colored markers and glitter. Players can search individually or, if you have several participants, divide them into teams. Instruct the kids to return with the supplies to a table that is set up for the mask-making activity. Once the hunt is complete, pool all of the supplies so that they are available for everyone to create their masks.

Musical Masks

To play musical masks, each participant will need a Mardi Gras mask. Schedule the mask-making activity prior to this game or purchase ready-made masquerade masks from a party supply retailer. Sit players in a circle and hand a mask to all but one. Players pass the masks to the right as the music plays. When the music stops, each guest raises the mask to their face. The player without a mask is out. Take away another mask and resume play in this manner until only one player remains.

Bead Collection

As each guest arrives at the birthday party, give him six strings of beads to wear. Inform players that they are forbidden to use the words "bead" or "birthday" for a designated amount of time. As the party progresses, any guest who hears someone utter one of the forbidden words can take a string of beads from the offender. When the time is up, the player with the most strings of beads is the winner.

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