How to Find Games That Can Be Played at a Cheerleading Party

by Robin Hawkins
Looking for games to play at your next children's birthday party? Hire a cheeleader to come lead the fun!

Looking for games to play at your next children's birthday party? Hire a cheeleader to come lead the fun!

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Have birthday parties with clowns and magicians been overdone in your elementary circles lately? Consider inviting a different special guest to the party to help your daughter and her friends have a birthday celebration to remember --- invite a cheerleader. With the help of a local cheerleader or two, finding activities for a cheerleading-themed birthday party can be an easy and memorable way for elementary girls to celebrate.

Items you will need

  • Pom-poms
  • Music
  • Poster of a Cheerleader
  • Pom-pom stickers
  • Blindfold
Step 1

Line up a surprise guest to the party. If you know a local cheerleader, ask her and one of her friends if they would like to make some extra money by being the main attraction at a birthday party. Explain to them that you will pay them to teach a group of girls a few cheerleading routines and cheers. Ask if they will create a special cheer to honor the birthday girl.

Step 2

If you do not know any cheerleaders, call the local school and ask for the contact information of the cheerleading coach. Cheerleading squads are always raising money for cheer camps and uniforms. Offer to make a donation to the squad in exchange for hiring a few cheerleaders to lead cheers at the birthday party.

Step 3

Have a cheer contest. Play some popular music for the cheerleaders and have them come up with their own cheer or dance routine. Give prizes for "The Best Cheer," "The Most Spirit," and the "Highest Kick/Jump."

Step 4

Give out inexpensive pom-poms to the party guests and play "Pass the Pom-Pom." Played in a way that is similar to "Hot Potato," have guests sit in a circle and pass around one pom-pom while the music is playing. Whoever is left with the pom-pom once the music stops steps out of the circle. The game continues until only one cheerleader is left. These party props can be used during the cheering contest and party-goers can take them home as a party favor.

Step 5

Play "Pin the Pom-pom on the Cheerleader." Using a poster of a cheerleader, pom-pom stickers and a blindfold, this game is played just like the game "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." The guest who sticks the pom-poms closest to cheerleader's hands wins this game.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add to the cheerleading theme with invitations printed on paper cut into the shape of a pennant or megaphone.
  • Individual cheerleading squads often have friendly competitions with cheerleaders from other schools. Ask if these girls can come up with a cheerleading game for the party guests.

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