Games for Baby Showers With Chocolate

by Lacy Nichols
Using chocolate in a baby shower game can appeal to guests' sweet tooth -- or give them a laugh.

Using chocolate in a baby shower game can appeal to guests' sweet tooth -- or give them a laugh.

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No baby shower is complete without a few party games. Dessert foods and chocolate are also essentials that please guests. Try combining the two by incorporating chocolate into your party games. You can not only celebrate the sweet impending arrival with sweets of your own, but use melted chocolate in games that should provoke a few giggles in your guests.

Diaper Pass

One baby shower game uses a disposable diaper and little bit of chocolate. It doesn't matter what type of chocolate is used or in what form the chocolate comes. The game is similar to Hot Potato. Guests pass a disposable diaper filled with melted chocolate in a circle while a song plays in the background. Whoever is holding the diaper when the song is paused is out of the game. The game continues until only one winner remains. You may give unmelted chocolate as a prize to the last person without the diaper.

Guess the Chocolate

Like the diaper pass game, this game is not for the faint of heart, and some guests may be a little grossed out. However, the game's overall effect should be humorous. To play this game, you will need several different types of chocolate bars, each with different textures. Some should be caramel, some should have nuts, some should be dark and some should be light or milk chocolate. Each candy bar should be melted into a separate diaper; keep notes as to which diaper has which candy bar. Party guests then take turns guessing which brand of candy bar is in each diaper. Whoever gets the most names correct wins.

The Guessing Game

This game incorporates both chocolate bars and other types of candy. To play this game, come up with a list of clue phrases related to birth and parenthood that match up to the brand names of different types of candy. For example, "hospital bill" can match with a 100 Grand candy bar, "umbilical cord" with Twizzlers and "twins" with M&Ms; or Twix. Place wrapped examples of each of the types of candy in a bowl and have guests guess which brands of candy match with each clue. Guests can work as a group or individually to match the terms with the candy. Guests win the candies they guess correctly, and the guest or team with the most correct answers wins a prize.


You can alter each game using chocolate to suit your needs. For example, to shorten the playing time of the diaper-pass game, simply declare the person stuck holding the diaper when the music ends the winner. Or, for the chocolate guessing game, melt the chocolate on plates to allow contestants to taste it in addition to smelling and looking.

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