Games for a 65th Birthday Party

by Susan Reynolds
Celebrate a 65th birthday with games.

Celebrate a 65th birthday with games.

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Seniors can have just as much fun as younger people at birthday parties. If you are planning a 65th birthday bash for a loved one, there are several entertaining games you can incorporate into the party. Themed retro parties are especially good for older people, who will enjoy dressing up in costumes to match the era.


You are never too old to sing. Karaoke machines can provide hours of entertainment for guests and the birthday gal or guy. Special software programs can also turn a laptop into a karaoke machine if you have a good sound system. Download songs from the year the birthday person was born. Or pick out songs that will remind him of the days when he was a teenager. If you have a themed party, use songs that pertain to your theme.

Trivia Games

Trivia games are perfect for older guests. You can find trivia games from different eras or look for themed trivia games. You can also invent your own trivia questions from the year the person was born. Give out prizes that are related to the year in which she was born. The best thing about trivia games is that a group of people can play the game at once. In fact, the more, the better. Board games like Scrabble and other wordplay games are also good for small groups.


Bingo is a game that everyone will enjoy. Even small children can learn how to play the game. You can design the cards yourself or buy the game. Personalized game cards are especially memorable for someone's 65th birthday. Nominate someone with a loud voice to be the bingo caller and have prizes ready. The prizes could also be tied into your party theme. Several rounds of bingo will easily use up an hour's time.

Outdoor Games

Bring the party outside by playing outdoor games like croquet, horseshoes, badminton or mini golf. These games may take some preparation but they provide hours of entertainment for everyone. Outdoor games work well if you are having a barbecue or have a porch that's big enough for everyone.

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