Games for a 50th Surprise Party

by Crystal Vogt
Games such as Guess the Celebrity and Guess the Price can be a fun way to celebrate a 50th birthday.

Games such as Guess the Celebrity and Guess the Price can be a fun way to celebrate a 50th birthday.

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Certain ages are often commemorated with special birthday celebrations. These age milestones include 16, 21, 30 and 50 years old. If you are throwing a surprise birthday party for someone who is turning 50, planning games and activities during the celebration is a good way to make guests feel more comfortable. Involving guests in birthday activities may also encourage them to socialize more with one another.

Guess the Celebrity

Research celebrities who were popular when your guest of honor was in high school and college. Write each celebrity's name on one index card, and fill a hat or basket full of your index cards. Pass the hat or basket around, and have each guest pick out one index card, making sure to keep celebrity information secret. One at a time, have guests ask questions of each other in an attempt to guess which "celebrity" they are. Sample questions may include "What years were you most famous?" "Were you married to another celebrity?" and "How many movies did you star in?"

Shifty 50 Game

To engage all of your guests and encourage interaction, break your guests up into groups and have them solve a mystery using "50 shifty" clues in honor of the 50th birthday being celebrated. The game can start after all guests surprise the guest of honor. Write quick clues on 50 index cards and place them in a hat or basket. Throughout the duration of the party, have each group alternately pick out clues and try to solve the fictional crime you have crafted. The winning team can be given homemade first-place ribbons that read "Winners of the Shifty 50."

Guess the Price

Chances are that currency inflation has occurred during the life span of your guest of honor. To celebrate how different times were from when your birthday guest was a child, research the prices of everyday goods during the decade he was a child. These goods may include movie tickets, bread, milk, a car, a plane ticket, toothpaste and candy. Prepare cartoon drawings on large flash cards of each good you choose, and have guests, including the guest of honor, guess what the price of each good was during that time period. Be prepared to supply the correct answers for guests.

Golden Oldies Karaoke

Another way to celebrate your guest of honor's past is by remembering the music she grew up with. Research popular music of her childhood and teenage years, and purchase karaoke versions of the songs. Using a home karaoke machine or video game console that plays karaoke on your television screen, encourage guests to take turns "performing" well-known music hits. To make it even more fun, supply period costume accessories to each "performer" to wear during her song.

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