Games for a 21-Year-Old's Birthday Party

by Sara Welsh
Most 21st birthday parties are adults only.

Most 21st birthday parties are adults only.

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Since the age of 21 years old is the legal age to drink alcohol in the United States, most 21st birthdays are celebrated with and revolve around alcohol consumption. However, games that take place at the party don't necessarily have to involve drinking. No matter what games take place at the party, always remember to drink responsibly.


This game is a drinking game dealing with numbers. Have a group of people sit in a circle and have the leader say a number anywhere from one to one less than the number of people in the group (i.e. if there are ten players, choose a number from one to nine). Count the number of people clockwise and the person who coincides with the number called becomes the new base and has to call out a new number. Negative numbers can be used. Whenever someone makes a mistake, either by speaking out of turn or not realizing it's their number, that person must take a drink.

Pin the...

You can play the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game to rekindle your youth or you can give an adult twist to it. Print out a poster size picture of a beer bottle and several pictures of lime wedges. Cut out the lime wedges and put tacks through the center, like you would the donkey's tail. Blindfold your friends and have fun watching them play Pin the Lime on the Beer.

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Clear a decent amount of room on the floor for this game. Place an empty cereal box with the top flaps torn off in the middle of an empty space on the floor. Have the guests try to bend over and pick up the box with their teeth. Only their feet may touch the floor and only their mouth may touch the box. With each successful attempt, cut or tear an inch of cardboard from the top so the box gets increasingly shorter. If a guest falls over, they cannot try again.


This drinking game does not require much skill but it does take a bit of awareness. Choose a Thumbmaster and a designated table. That person will place their thumb down on the table at any point during the party. Everyone else has to place their thumb on the table after the Thumbmaster chooses. The last person to put down their thumb has to drink and becomes the new Thumbmaster.

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